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We hope that you find the information provided of value, but this is just a sample. To really experience Natural Sound, please visit our store where you can
explore and audition the over $1 Million of High-End Audio & Video equipment we maintain on active display.

When you visit our store we hope that you will enjoy listening to some good music, watching some great video and letting us offer our thoughts about sound, music, movies and the wonderful equipment that makes it all happen.

You will discover that we have a healthy respect for the technology of high fidelity music and video reproduction. All of us feel, however, that "high tech" is secondary to the enjoyment that our customers receive from actually experiencing music or movies through a Natural Sound system. Our goal is to provide our customers with a direct link to their music and movies with equipment that improves rather than impedes their enjoyment. The more goose bumps you feel, the better we feel! To help us reach our goals, much of our collective "spare time" is used for evaluating components in various combinations so that we know what works best together to produce truly "natural sound".

We have the best consumer policies of any audio/video store in New England and have been in business offering these services for over a quarter century. The value that we provide our customers has withstood the test of time. Among the more noteworthy policies are our extended parts & labor warranties. In addition, we maintain an in-house parts and service department to provide you with the finest possible maintenance and repair service. We also do house calls (a rarity nowadays) and Custom Installation.

We are also quite proud of our unique three-year trade-up policy on electronics, speakers, and turntables. For up to three years from your purchase date, we will give you your full purchase price as a trade-up allowance on new audio equipment that is priced double (or more) the cost of your original equipment. This policy has allowed many of our customers to start with good-sounding modestly priced equipment and move up to even better sound as their tastes and budgets allow. We have offered this policy for 24 years, and it has been a rousing success. Please ask your audio/video consultant for a complete explanation of this and any of our other policies.

We hope that you will consider Natural Sound Inc. as your audio/video store. We believe you will find our prices quite competitive (we have a 30 day lowest price guarantee) but that we have no competition when it comes to service, knowledge, store policies, and the finest quality products!

A Brief History of Natural Sound

Natural Sound, Inc. has been in business at its Route 9 location for over 40 years.  Jim Lackey, the sole owner of Natural Sound, actually got started in the audio business four years prior to that, as he put himself through school at Worcester Polytech as a campus rep.  The sound pressure levels of the systems sold by young Mr. Lackey produced more than a few phone calls to campus police. Thus solidifying Jim as the person to see if you were serious about your music.  Such sonic notoriety made Jim realize that audio was his true calling.  Fortunately, he decided to concentrate on higher quality components moving SPL down the ladder and opened Natural Sound upon completing school.  He was aided in this endeavor by a co-owner, Kevin Voeks.  (Kevin has moved on to become one of the premier loudspeaker designers in the world, working for Snell Acoustics and later as the main speaker engineer for all of the Revel products.) 
The early years featured great equipment from many audio legends as well as a unique way of doing business.  The cast of characters might have been a little out there, from Doctor Decibel doing repairs in the basement to the salesperson who lived in the store and shared his bedroom with a superb Mark Levinson system.  (Other salespeople had to make sure the bed was made and un-occupied before taking customers into this room.)  Folk lore also has it that there was a full kitchen on the first floor and that a cook was hired to come in and make breakfast every morning - which was the only way Jim could get his staff to come in on time.  (Please, hold those comments about the present.)
From the beginning Natural Sound wanted to represent the best equipment that was available at each and every price point.  Over the years, other key criteria emerged, such as long-term reliability & the ability of a manufacturer to provide excellent service. Of course, the range of products that Natural Sound now sells has expanded tremendously over the years, but the criteria for true excellence is still there whether it is an audio piece or a video piece.  And, unlike any of the “big box” stores, the ability to demonstrate equipment and talk about the merits (or demerits) of a product are important to how Natural Sound likes to do business.


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