Summer Madness Event

It’s summertime and, doggone it, the heat is on to make our store and stockrooms just a
bit less crowded. Whether your interest is in music or movies, we have some hot deals on
cool gear!

First, a “category legend” to help with the status and warranty for each type of item:

NEW (NEW): Brand new, factory sealed in its original carton. Full manufacturer’s
warranty and all of our store policies apply except 30 day defective exchange.

OPEN BOX (OB): Was in someone’s home for just a few days. All of our policies apply
except 30 day defective exchange.

STORE DEMO (DEMO): Has been used in the store as a demonstrator. The
manufacturer’s warranty will usually apply; other store policies, including our trade-up
policy, do not.

PRE-OWNED (PRE): Used in someone’s home for less than three years. There will be
some warranty period left as noted. Other store policies do not apply.

B&W CM1 Series 2 (NEW, gloss black): Reg. $1100/pr…..$899/pr.
B&W CM8 Series 2 (DEMO, rosenut): Reg. $2400……$1499/pr.
B&W 802 D2 in Rosenut (PRE; absolutely perfect, 2 year warranty remains): Reg. $15,000/pr…….$10,499/pr

FOCAL Chorus 705 (DEMO): Reg. $550/pr…..$449/pr.
FOCAL Aria 906 (OB one week, walnut): Reg. $1499/pr…..$1099/pr.
FOCAL Aria 948 (DEMO): Reg. $4999/pr…..$3599/pr.
FOCAL Electra 1008 in Zebrawood (PRE; 2.5 year warranty): Reg. $4650/pr….$3299/pr. (Includes customized lead filled stands!)
FOCAL Sopra 1 with stands (DEMO, black): Reg. $9500…..$7499 complete
FOCAL Sopra 2 (DEMO, Red): Reg. $14,999/pr.……$9,999/pr.
FOCAL Sopra 2 (PRE one year; 4 year warranty, black) Reg. $14,999/pr…..$11,999/pr

McIntosh WS450 on-wall speakers (DEMO): Reg. $4400/pr……$1999/pr.

PSB Imagine XB (PRE, 2 year warranty): Reg. $499/pr…..$339/pr.
PSB Imagine Mini C Center (PRE, walnut, 2 year warranty): Reg. $699…..$399

REL Habitat on wall powered subwoofer (DEMO): Reg. $1999…..$1199
REL Gibralter large powered subwoofer (DEMO): Reg. $5000…..$2999

Revel B110 powered subwoofer (DEMO): Reg. $2200…..$1499
Revel C208 center speaker (OB, walnut): Reg. $2000……$1599
Revel F208 floor standing (DEMO): Reg. $5000/pr….$3499/pr.
Revel F208 floor standing (OB, walnut) Reg. $5000/pr….$4199/pr
Revel Studio floor-standing (DEMO): Reg. $16,000/pr…..$9,999/pr.
Revel Salon floor-standing (DEMO): Reg, $22,000/pr……$12,999/pr.

Sonus Faber Venere Center (DEMO, black): Reg. $899….$649
Sonus Faber Smart Center or L/R horizontal (DEMO, two available): Reg.$1699/ea…$899/ea., or purchase both for $1499
Sonus Faber Venere 1.5 speakers w/ stands (DEMO, black) : Reg. $1598…..$1099 complete
Sonus Faber Verere 1.5 speakers w/ stands (PRE, WALNUT, 2.5 year warranty): Reg. $1898….$1199 complete
Sonus Faber Venere 2.0 speakers (NEW, walnut): Reg. $1998/pr…$1499/pr
Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 floor-staning speaker (DEMO): Reg. $2500/pr….$1599/pr.
Sonus Faber Venere S floor-standing speakers (PRE; 2.5 year warranty): Reg. $5500…..$3999

Spendor C5E Series II center channel (OB, black): Reg. $1499….$799

Vivid Audio Decade B1 Limited Edition (DEMO, Piano Black): Reg. $28,000/pr….$14,999/pr.

Wharfdale 10.SR surround on-wall speakers in rosewood (NEW): Reg.$229/pr….$189/pr.

Bryston BDP2 Digital Music Player (DEMO): Reg. $3295…..$2299

Clearaudio Innovation Compact Wood Turntable w/ Magnefy tonearm (DEMO, cartridge not included): Reg. $10,000…$6999

Luxman D06U CD Player(DEMO): Reg. $8495……$6499
Meridian 808V3 CD Player(“B” stock): Reg. $20,000…..$8999

McIntosh MCT450 Universal Disc Transport (DEMO): Reg. $4000….$2999
McIntosh MCD550 Universal Disc Player w/ DAC (DEMO): Reg. $6500….$4499

NAD C516BEE CD Player (Demo w/ new transport and laser!): Reg. $299…..$239

NAIM D5XSBT-FM Network Music Player w/ FM Tuner (NEW): Reg. $4995…$2999

Rega Saturn CD player (PRE, 2 Year Warranty): Reg. $2995…..$1999

ROTEL RCD1570 (DEMO, 1 Year Warranty): Reg. $999….$699

Sony HAPZ1 Digital Music Player/Storage Device (NEW): Reg. $2000…$1599

Bryston BP26 Preamp w/ MM/MC Phono Section and BR2 Remote (DEMO): Reg. $7325….$3999

Luxman L505UX Integrated Amplifier (DEMO): Reg. $3995……$3199
Luxman L507UX Integrated Amplifier (DEMO): Reg. $6495….$4999

McIntosh MA5200 Integrated Amp (DEMO): Reg. $4500…$3499
McIntosh MA7900 Integrated Amp (NEW): Reg. $7000…..$5999
McIntosh C1000C/S 2 Piece Solid State Pre-amp (DEMO; 1 year warranty): Reg. $22,000……$9999

NAD M22 Digital pre-amp w/ Blu-OS and M12 Stereo power amp (PRE, 1.5 year warranty): Reg. $6900…..$4299

Naim Audio DACV1 Headphone Amp/DAC (NEW): Reg. $2595….$1999

Sony ES TA-A1ES Integrated Amp (NEW): Reg. $2000…..$1599
Special Offer: Pair this integrated with Sony’s exceptional Digital Music Player (above) for

McIntosh MXA70 Integrated Amp/Speakers (DEMO): Reg. $6000….$3999

Tivoli Audio/KLOSS PAL (DEMO, as is); Reg. $199…..$99
Tivoli Albergo Clock Radio (DEMO, as is): Reg. $199……$119

Audeze LCD-X Special (NEW, does not include a travel case): Reg. $1499….$1199

Beyer DT990 Premium, 32 Ohm Version (NEW): Reg. $249….$199
Beyer DT1770 Pro, closed back (DEMO): Reg. $599…..$449

McIntosh MHP1000 (NEW): Reg. $2000….$1699

PSB M4U1 (NEW): REG. $299…..$199
PSB M4U2 (DEMO): REG. $399…..$249

Sennheiser HD630VB (DEMO): Reg. $499….$349

Sony MDRZ1R (NEW): Reg. $2299….$1899

Runco Q750i & Da-Lite Affinity 100 Screen (DEMO: 2.35 X 1 for the true movie-lover.
“Lampless” technology, which will save you THOUSANDS of dollars over the years.
Includes special cine-wide lens.): Reg. $32,499….$8999 !!!!!!!!!

LG OLED55E6P 55” flat panel OLED TV (DEMO three months): Reg. $3999…..$1999

Sony XBR55X930E 55” LED Television (NEW): Reg. $1999…..$1149
Sony XBR65A1E 65” OLED Television (DEMO just 5 months): Reg. $4000…..$2499

Stewart FilmScreen 82” Firehawk Lexus Model A Electriscreen (DEMO): Reg. $3485…..$1599
Stewart FilmScreen 92” Firehawk Lexus Model A Electriscreen: (DEMO): Reg.$3870…..$1999

Accusound SAS Silver Dual Conductor 3M Interconnects (DEMO): Reg. $1179….$589
Accusound HD Series 14/2 Copper 15’ Pr. Speaker Cables(DEMO): Reg. $819….$409
Accusound XD3 Silver Tri-Conductor 3M Interconnects (DEMO): Reg. $3899..$1999
Accusound XDSC Silver Tri-Condutor 15’ Pr. Speaker Cable (OB): Reg. $3549/pr….$1749/pr.

Transparent Audio 2M Reference Power Cord, MM2 (DEMO): Reg. $1045….$599
Transparent Audio MusicLink Ultra Balanced 1M MM2 Interconnects (Certified PreOwned): Reg. $2315…..$1158
Transparent Audio Reference Balanced 1M MM2 interconnects (DEMO): Reg. $4945/pr…..$2449/pr.

JSP Bolero Credenza and Back Panel (DEMO): Reg: $2910…..$999

Salamander C/GE339 30” Tall Triple-Wide Cabinet w/ Large Center Opening in Walnut (Demo)) Reg. $2299……$899

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