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Adcom GTP602

This was Adcom' BEST stereo pre-amp tuner! Which means it's pretty good! Add an amp and be in separates heaven!

$379 $899 Electronics
Ayre V5XE

Ayre acoustics of Boulder, CO produced this fine solid state amp that has 150 watts/ch. of super musical power. Excellent condition, box and packing too.

$2599 $5500 Electronics
Blue Aura V30

Small integrated amp with speakers to enhance your office life! Or, replace the speakers with larger ones from PSB, Focal, B&W, etc. and you'll hear something that will keep you glued to your office chair!

$399 $550 Electronics
Bluesound Node 100, Series 1

Was a store demo. Great way to add high quality streaming and stored music to your existing system.

$329 $449 Electronics
Bluesound Power Node 150

Add a Bluesound zone of streamed/stored music---all you need is this and a pair of speakers!

$499 $699 Electronics
Cue Audio TR101

Store demo stereo clock radio, made in Somerville MA! Decent sound and reception from a small package. This one is white and we also have a BRAND NEW one in black for $249

$199 $479 Electronics
Goldmund Mimesis 27+

One of the Worlds's truly great analogue line stages, Swiss made, truly "High End."

$3,999 $10,700 Electronics
Grado RA1

Small but mighty headphone amplifier from a company that really knows headphones.

$299 $425 Electronics
Krell SBP64X

Upsampling Digital to Analogue converter from an esteemed manufacturer! Special Offer: Purchase w/ MD1 Transport for $1499 as a package!

$899 $8950 Electronics
Linn Linto

This is a moving coil phono stage of the highest Linn sound quality. Works great with almost all low output moving coil cartridges.

$1199 $2000 Electronics
McIntosh MX110

Vintage tube pre-amp/tuner that is in excellent condition. Not a misprint on the pricing--this is a Macintosh collectible from the 60's. Sounds great and a work of audio art.

$2999 $400 Electronics
McIntosh MC240

Classic 60's Mc power amp, 40 w/ch of glorious vintage tube power. Totally restored with new potentiometers, caps, tubes, etc. Gorgeous. Pair with the MX110 for a large slice of audio nirvana.

$2999 $290 Electronics
McIntosh MA6300

For a number of years, this was Mc's "intro" integrated amp. 100 watt/ch. of effortless sound.

$2999 $4500 Electronics
McIntosh MXA70

This unit is a high quality A) Headphone amp; B) 50 watt/ch. integrated amp; C) Digital to analogue converter for your digital sources; D) Desktop system with its cute lil' Mc speakers or E) complete stereo system with better speakers, available for more bucks! All with the incredible Mc quality and sound! (You'v heard of "Big Mc." This is "Little Mc.") Store Demo

$3999 $6000 Electronics
Meridian G65

If you ever dreamed of putting together a high quality Meridian home theater system, here's your chance to do it at a big savings. Add some ofthe powered speakers listed below and you will have it! Store Demo.

$2499 $4999 Electronics
Meridian Director

Excellent digital to analogue converter can improve many digital sources. Open box unit.

$399 $699 Electronics

Groundbreaking Direct Digital Integrated from the great minds at NAD! Lots of power, lots of digital inputs, analogue ports can be added. Sound as clean as a whistle!

$1499 $2600 Electronics

Give us that old time rock 'n roll played through an old time (?) Class A/B amplifier! Well, any kind of music sounds great through this integrated amp. Open box unit all of two weeks, 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

$1199 $1500 Electronics
NAD M12 and M22

Exceptional NAD Masters Digital Hub pre-amp and innovative "score" 250 w/ch stereo power amp, about 1.5 years pre-owned. Clean look, clean and dynamic sound.

$3999 $6500 Electronics
Odyssey Design Tempest

Fine two-channel preamp with MM/MC phono section.

$699 $1950 Electronics
Parasound AVC2500

This can serve as an excellent two-channel pre-amp or as a home theater pre/pro for Dolby Digital and DTS through co-ax or toslink inputs. Fully balanced, really well-built.

$599 $3295 Electronics
Rotel RSP1068

Excellent sounding older (as in no HDMI connections) home theater pre-amp. Could also be used as a stereo pre-amp.

$299 $1699 Electronics
Rotel RQ970BX

Nicely designed phono section does both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

$119 $200 Electronics
Rotel RTC940AX

A steal! A tuner and a pre-amp in one box! Fine Rotel sound quality to boot.

$129 $500 Electronics
Rotel RB971

Small but mighty 70 watt/ch. amplifier from this well-known quality manufacturer.

$229 $500 Electronics
Rotel RDD1580

This is our store demonstrator digital to analogue converter with the full manufacturer's warranty. Versatile and fine sound!

$599 $799 Electronics
Rotel RA1570

Priced like a used piece but actually our store demo. Powerful (120 w/ch.)( integrated amp with digital decoding circuitry to boot! And a phono input...what more could you want?
Silver, good condition

$999 $1599 Electronics
Sonic Integrity MP5

Exceptional desktop tube integrated amp and good quality bookshelf speakers---improve your office w/ this system! (Open box unit.)

$499 $799 Electronics

This is actually a store demo and will carry the manufacturer's warranty, which is a terrific 5 years parts and labor. 7.1 w/ most of the latest goodies, including 4K pass through. Excellent sound quality for both movies and music.

$999 $1699 Electronics
Tag McLaren AV 32RDPEX

For those in the know, this was one of the PREMIER pre-amp processors of the last ten years because it sounded GREAT in stereo, had excellent dolby digital and DTS, and was a joy to set up and use.  This one had the "dual sharc" processors AND the revered direct 7 ch. input that allows for BLU RAY sound to be done correctly through the analogue  inputs.  A gem.

$1499 $8000 Electronics
Yamaha RXA1060

Our store demo with a 3 year warranty. They change models every year but we believe this one has everything the "new" one has other than ??? Haven't been able to figure it out...but this is a very nice receiver at a good savings!

$949 $1199 Electronics
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