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Adcom GTP602

This was Adcom' BEST stereo pre-amp tuner! Which means it's pretty good! Add an amp and be in separates heaven!

$379 $899 Electronics
Adcom GFA5500

Solid 200 w/ch. amp will drive just about any speaker and sound good doing it!

$500 $1500 Electronics
Ayre V5XE

Ayre acoustics of Boulder, CO produced this fine solid state amp that has 150 watts/ch. of super musical power. Excellent condition, box and packing too.

$2599 $5500 Electronics
Blue Aura V30

Small integrated amp with speakers to enhance your office life! Or, replace the speakers with larger ones from PSB, Focal, B&W, etc. and you'll hear something that will keep you glued to your office chair!

$399 $550 Electronics
Bluesound Node 100, Series 1

Was a store demo. Great way to add high quality streaming and stored music to your existing system.

$329 $449 Electronics
Bluesound Power Node 150

Add a Bluesound zone of streamed/stored music---all you need is this and a pair of speakers!

$499 $699 Electronics
Cary Audio AE3 DJH

Very Cool Vacuum tube pre-amp w/ remote control and extra tubes.

$699 $1499 Electronics
Cue Audio TR101

Store demo stereo clock radio, made in Somerville MA! Decent sound and reception from a small package. This one is white and we also have a BRAND NEW one in black for $329.

$279 $479 Electronics
Goldmund Mimesis 27+

One of the Worlds's truly great analogue line stages, Swiss made, truly "High End."

$3,999 $10,700 Electronics
Grado RA1

Small but mighty headphone amplifier from a company that really knows headphones.

$299 $425 Electronics
Krell SBP64X

Upsampling Digital to Analogue converter from an esteemed manufacturer! Special Offer: Purchase w/ MD1 Transport for $1499 as a package!

$899 $8950 Electronics
Linn Linto

This is a moving coil phono stage of the highest Linn sound quality. Works great with almost all low output moving coil cartridges.

$1199 $2000 Electronics
Marantz AVP8802A

Exceptional home theater preamp/processor in excellent condition. Marantz's best pre/pro until a 8803 comes out.

$2299 $4000 Electronics
Marantz AV7005

Nice sounding pre/pro from 2011-2013. Marantz's usual excellent sound quality.

$599 $1599 Electronics
McIntosh MC2120

Perhaps not the "collectible" type of Mc that the vintage tube gear is, but still a Mc, and a big Mc with its beefy 120 watts per channel.

$599 $999 Electronics
McIntosh MX110

Vintage tube pre-amp/tuner that is in excellent condition. Not a misprint on the pricing--this is a Macintosh collectible from the 60's. Sounds great and a work of audio art.

$2999 $400 Electronics
McIntosh MC240

Classic 60's Mc power amp, 40 w/ch of glorious vintage tube power. Totally restored with new potentiometers, caps, tubes, etc. Gorgeous. Pair with the MX110 for a large slice of audio nirvana.

$2999 $290 Electronics
McIntosh MA6300

For a number of years, this was Mc's "intro" integrated amp. 100 watt/ch. of effortless sound.

$2999 $4500 Electronics
Meridian G65

If you ever dreamed of putting together a high quality Meridian home theater system, here's your chance to do it at a big savings. Add some ofthe powered speakers listed below and you will have it! Store Demo.

$2499 $4999 Electronics
Meridian HD621

Meridian's unique HDMI switching box for their HT systems. Store Demo

$999 $2000 Electronics
Meridian Director

Excellent digital to analogue converter can improve many digital sources. Open box unit.

$399 $699 Electronics

Groundbreaking Direct Digital Integrated from the great minds at NAD! Lots of power, lots of digital inputs, analogue ports can be added. Sound as clean as a whistle!

$1499 $2600 Electronics

Give us that old time rock 'n roll played through an old time (?) Class A/B amplifier! Well, any kind of music sounds great through this integrated amp. Open box unit all of two weeks, 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

$1199 $1500 Electronics
Odyssey Design Tempest

Fine two-channel preamp with MM/MC phono section.

$699 $1950 Electronics
Parasound AVC2500

This can serve as an excellent two-channel pre-amp or as a home theater pre/pro for Dolby Digital and DTS through co-ax or toslink inputs. Fully balanced, really well-built.

$599 $3295 Electronics
Proton P300/301

This was the world's best-sounding table radio-ever! And it's stereo, with a matching powered speaker. Excellent sound, excellent condition.

$199 $470 Electronics
Rotel RSP1068

Excellent sounding older (as in no HDMI connections) home theater pre-amp. Could also be used as a stereo pre-amp.

$299 $1699 Electronics
Rotel RQ970BX

Nicely designed phono section does both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

$119 $200 Electronics
Rotel RTC940AX

A steal! A tuner and a pre-amp in one box! Fine Rotel sound quality to boot.

$129 $500 Electronics
Rotel RB971

Small but mighty 70 watt/ch. amplifier from this well-known quality manufacturer.

$229 $500 Electronics
Rotel RDD1580

This is our store demonstrator digital to analogue converter with the full manufacturer's warranty. Versatile and fine sound!

$599 $799 Electronics
Sonic Integrity MP5

Exceptional desktop tube integrated amp and good quality bookshelf speakers---improve your office w/ this system! (Open box unit.)

$499 $799 Electronics
Sunfire Cinema Grand II

Great sounding somewhat older HT Pre-amp/processor at a great price!

$399 $3500 Electronics
Tag McLaren AV 32RDPEX

For those in the know, this was one of the PREMIER pre-amp processors of the last ten years because it sounded GREAT in stereo, had excellent dolby digital and DTS, and was a joy to set up and use.  This one had the "dual sharc" processors AND the revered direct 7 ch. input that allows for BLU RAY sound to be done correctly through the analogue  inputs.  A gem.

$1499 $8000 Electronics
Tvoli iYiYi

Words cannot describe, iYYiYI.....Brand new, might be the radio of your dreams. You can dock to it, too.

$239 $399 Electronics
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