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Tag McLaren DVD32FLR

 Think of it as an outrageously good CD player that also does DVD's.  Better than Benz construction quality, a work of art.  

$1999 $8000 Source Components
Pioneer DVR57H

 You don't see many of these!  DVD Recorder w/ Tivo built-in.  '03-'05 Model.  

$249 $1000 Source Components
Denon LA2300

Remember these?  Combination laser disc/CD player--universal in its time. 

$149 $700 Source Components
Sony DVPN577SP

Can be used as a SACD player, 2 or multi-channel, a CD player, and even a DVD player!

$49 $250 Source Components
Krell Showcase

Can be used as CD player, CD transport, or even a DVD player. SOLID!

$699 $5000 Source Components
Marantz 5320 w/ Infinity Black Widow

Doesn't get much more classic than this! Excellent servo-controlled direct drive TT and about the lowest mass tone arm ever made! Grade cartridge (it's mounted) is thrown in. Collector's item--in fact the tone arms sell for this much on the used market!

$499 $800 (estimated) Source Components
McIntosh MR74

Excellent FM tuner with the famous Macintosh sound!

$499 $899 Source Components
Adcom GFT555II

Sensitive FM tuner that has excellent sonics. A good "tuna" is hard to find these days!

$199 $399 Source Components
Pioneer Elite DV79AVI

This "universal" disc player of its day (2007-8) is a good way to play CD's, SACD's, DVD Audio, and even a DVD or two! Blu-ray--NO! (Sorry)

$249 $1200 Source Components
Rotel RCC1055

This is a CD carousel-type changer that actually sounds quite good. Includes remote control.

$249 $699 Source Components
Krell MD1

Turns those CD's in high style! This is a top-loading CD TRANSPORT only, or "disc-spinner" with the highest degree of accuracy!

$799 $5400 Source Components
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