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Denon LA2300

Remember these?  Combination laser disc/CD player--universal in its time. 

$149 $700 Source Components
Tag McLaren DVD32FLR

 Think of it as an outrageously good CD player that also does DVD's.  Better than Benz construction quality, a work of art.  

$1499 $8000 Source Components
Bluesound Node Series 1

Get streaming and MQA decoding into your life! Series One store demo savings.

$299 $449 Source Components
Rega RP1

Excellent vinyl sound on a budget. Includes REGA Carbon MM cartridge.

$299 $445 Source Components
Rotel RCD1570

Store demonstrator CD player with slot load design. Crisp, clean sound and appearance, silver. One year warranty, parts and labor.

$699 $999 Source Components
McIntosh MCD301

Superb sound from they CD/SACD player with the usual top-end MC construction. (Sorry, no box, packing, manual, or remote.)

$1899 $4500 Source Components
B&O BG5005

Linear Tracking Automatic turntable w/ MMC3 cartridge.

$249 $649 Source Components
Adcom GCD700

Good-sounding CD changer for someone who needs a changer and doesn't mind "rolling the dice!" Sold, "as is" with a 7 day $ back guarantee. Seems to work fine, no promises after 8 days! Are you a Foxwoods kind of guy or gal?

$99 $699 Source Components
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