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Smooth and open-sounding center channel with the distinctive B&W tweeter on the top. (Black ash)

$275 $550 Speakers
B&W CM8 Series 2

Compact floor-standing speakers that image well and have a non-fatiguing "natural" sound. Our rosenut store demonstrators with a few nicks and scratches

$1499/pr. $2400/pr. Speakers
B&W 802 D2

Absolutely perfect condition for these Rosenut speakers with the version 2 of the famous B&W diamond tweeter. Effortless, clear, sweet, wonderful---all adjectives used to describe their sound.

$10,999/pr $15,000/pr. Speakers
Focal Diablo Utopia w/ dedicated stands

These are our store demonstrators and are in very good condition. Amazingly full sound from a relatively small speaker and very cool looking on their stands!

$9999 $15,998 Speakers
FOCAL Scala Utopia V2

These are our store demonstrator models. Not for the faint of heart---these speakers might make you think that you have a full symphony orchestra in your living room! Amazing speakers!!!!!

$21,999/pr $33,000 Speakers
Klipsch KLFC7

Dynamic 2-way, horn loaded tweeter in this center channel speaker. Clean and clear!

$299 $599 Speakers
Magnepan SS1

These small panel speakers can be side mounted for the rear or side channels in a home theater system. They have off-white grills.

$249/pr $450/pr Speakers
Magnepan CCR

Magnepan's curved center speaker with a natural oak trim and off-white grill. Clarity from the center like you've never heard before!

$1499 $2995 Speakers
Magnepan MG-CC1

Maggie's original center channel speaker.

$299 $800 Speakers
Magnepan MG 3.6

Legendary full range planar dynamic magic. Rosewood finish with black grills; excellent condition.

$1899/pr. $4999/pr. Speakers
Meridian DSP5200

We have ONE of these in very classy silver. You want a great center channel speaker that is floor-standing? Search no more! Each of the drivers in this speaker are powered by it's own dedicated power amp, internal to the speaker. Absolutely killer sound quality!

$2999 $7500 Speakers
Meridian DSP5200 Special Edition Powered Speakers

These speakers have a big, powerful sound in a compact package---and you do not need a power amplifier! Store demos.

$10,000/pr $20,000/pr Speakers
Meridian DSP5200 Special Edition Center

Powered and powerful Meridian center with the super special edition tweeter! Store Demo.

$5,000 $10,000 Speakers
Meridian DSP3200 Powered Speakers

Hang them on the wall and match with the DSP5200's up front for a tonally balanced surround experience. Store Demos.

$2200/pr $4,000/pr. Speakers
PSB Mini C

Hard to find: a very small center channel speaker that sounds good---and hear it is! Beautiful dark cherry finish.

$399 $699 Speakers
REL Habitat

Very good on-wall powered sub from the company that specializes in subs. Store demo, excellent condition.

$1199 $1999 Speakers
REL Gibraltar

The all-powerful, all-mighty subwoofer! Seriously deep bass from its massive driver and cabinet. Store demonstrator, excellent condition

$2999 $5000 Speakers
Sinus Faber Guarneri Evolution Speakers

Gorgeous speakers and their dedicated pedestal stands. Italian speaker design at its finest. Red Violin finish. These literally sing!

$9,999 complete $22,000 Speakers
Spender C5SE Series II

Store demo center channel of English origin, which means that its sound is neutral and highly intelligible.

$799 $1499 Speakers
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