Used Speakers

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Smooth and open-sounding center channel with the distinctive B&W tweeter on the top. (Black ash)

$275 $550 Speakers
Klipsch KLF20

"Legend Series" 3 Way Tower, efficient and dynamic; excellent for home theater and music.

$799/pr $1499/pr. Speakers
Klipsch KLFC7

Matching center to the KLF20's that we have. 2-way, horn loaded tweeter like the 20's. Clean and clear!

$299 $599 Speakers
Magnepan SS1

These small panel speakers can be side mounted for the rear or side channels in a home theater system. They have off-white grills.

$249/pr $450/pr Speakers
Meridian DSP5200

We have ONE of these in very classy silver. You want a great center channel speaker that is floor-standing? Search no more! Each of the drivers in this speaker are powered by it's own dedicated power amp, internal to the speaker. Absolutely killer sound quality!

$2999 $7500 Speakers
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