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Manufacturersort icon Model Description Discounted Price Retail Price Type
McIntosh MCD301

Superb sound from they CD/SACD player with the usual top-end MC construction. (Sorry, no box, packing, manual, or remote.)

$1899 $4500 Source Components
Bluesound Power Node 150

Add a Bluesound zone of streamed/stored music---all you need is this and a pair of speakers! Factory sealed unit w/ one year warranty.

$399 $699 Electronics
B&W 802 D2

Absolutely perfect condition for these Rosenut speakers with the version 2 of the famous B&W diamond tweeter. Effortless, clear, sweet, wonderful---all adjectives used to describe their sound.

$9,999/pr. $15,000/pr. Speakers
Adcom GCD700

Good-sounding CD changer for someone who needs a changer and doesn't mind "rolling the dice!" Sold, "as is" with a 7 day $ back guarantee. Seems to work fine, no promises after 8 days! Are you a Foxwoods kind of guy or gal?

$99 $699 Source Components
PSB Mini C

Hard to find: a very small center channel speaker that sounds good---and hear it is! Beautiful dark cherry finish. Recently reduced by $50 because the grill, which is optional, is not perfect

$349 $699 Speakers
Thiel CS7.2

Clean, fast, powerful, big-sounding, detailed, yet sweet---these are all adjectives reviewers have used when they described the sound of one of Jim Thiel's best designs. Ours are in cherry, reasonably good condition. Store pick up only!

$3999/pr. $13,500 Speakers
Thiel CS2.4

The legend of Jim Thiel's coherent source designs lives on in these wonderful floor-standing speakers. Good condition, cherry cabinets, spikes included. (No boxes, store pick up only.)

$1999/pr. $6800/pr. Speakers
McIntosh C45

Excellent two channel pre-amp with phono section, home theater pass through as well as 6-channel in and out!! Tuner module TM1 available for $399 more.

$1499 $4000 Electronics
Ayre V5XE

Ayre acoustics of Boulder, CO produced this fine solid state amp that has 150 watts/ch. of super musical power. Excellent condition, box and packing too.

$1999 $5500 Electronics
B&O BG5005

Linear Tracking Automatic turntable w/ MMC3 cartridge.

$249 $649 Source Components
Adcom GFP565

Top of the line preamp from Adcom's classic period. Nice feature set, including processor loop, MM phono cartridge, etc.

$399 $899 Electronics
PSB Alpha B

Excellent bookshelf speaker; perfect for a small room system. Fine condition.

$199 $300 Speakers
McIntosh C220

Classic tube preamplifier. All analogue circuitry. Has MM phono, tone controls, remote. Mint condition!
Wonderful "MC" sound.

$1899 $4000 Electronics
Beyer Dynamics A1

Audiophile Headphone Amplifier for headphone aficionados.

$549 $999 Electronics
Rotel RCD1570

Store demonstrator CD player with slot load design. Crisp, clean sound and appearance, silver. One year warranty, parts and labor.

$699 $999 Source Components
Sunfire Cinema Grand

200 W x 5 power amp from the fertile mind of Bob Carver when he was Mr. Sunfire.

$999 $2750 Electronics

Underground "audiophile" integrated tube amplifier. 30 w/ch of involving tube sound on a budget!

$399 $99 Electronics
Bryston 9B SB THX

Power, punch, panache from this exceptional 5 channel modular design amplifier. 120 real he-man watts per channel. THX approved back in the day!

$1799 $3880 Electronics
McIntosh MC126

Six channel or three channel amplifier depending on how you configure it: 80 x 6 or 275 X 3 are the choices. Mc natural sound quality, natch.

$1499 $3000 Electronics
Rega RP1

Excellent vinyl sound on a budget. Includes REGA Carbon MM cartridge.

$299 $445 Source Components
Benchmark DAC1

Well designed headphone amplifier and digital to analogue converter in one box.

$459 $995 Electronics
Bluesound Node Series 1

Get streaming and MQA decoding into your life! Series One store demo savings.

$299 $449 Source Components
NAD M12 and M22

Exceptional NAD Masters Digital Hub pre-amp and innovative "nCore" 250 w/ch stereo power amp, about 1.5 years pre-owned. The pre-amp has the "Bluos" card installed for Bluesound streaming. Clean look, clean and dynamic sound.

$4299 $7000 Electronics
REL Gibraltar

The all-powerful, all-mighty subwoofer! Seriously deep bass from its massive driver and cabinet. Store demonstrator, excellent condition

$2999 $5000 Speakers
McIntosh MXA70

This unit is a high quality A) Headphone amp; B) 50 watt/ch. integrated amp; C) Digital to analogue converter for your digital sources; D) Desktop system with its cute lil' Mc speakers or E) complete stereo system with better speakers, available for more bucks! All with the incredible Mc quality and sound! (You'v heard of "Big Mc." This is "Little Mc.") Store Demo

$3999 $6000 Electronics
Spender C5SE Series II

Store demo center channel of English origin, which means that its sound is neutral and highly intelligible.

$799 $1499 Speakers
Klipsch KLFC7

Dynamic 2-way, horn loaded tweeter in this center channel speaker. Clean and clear!

$299 $599 Speakers
REL Habitat

Very good on-wall powered sub from the company that specializes in subs. Store demo, excellent condition.

$1199 $1999 Speakers
Tag McLaren AV 32RDPEX

For those in the know, this was one of the PREMIER pre-amp processors of the last ten years because it sounded GREAT in stereo, had excellent dolby digital and DTS, and was a joy to set up and use.  This one had the "dual sharc" processors AND the revered direct 7 ch. input that allows for BLU RAY sound to be done correctly through the analogue  inputs.  A gem.

$1499 $8000 Electronics
Tag McLaren DVD32FLR

 Think of it as an outrageously good CD player that also does DVD's.  Better than Benz construction quality, a work of art.  

$1499 $8000 Source Components
Magnepan MG-CC1

Maggie's original center channel speaker.

$299 $800 Speakers
Meridian Director

Excellent digital to analogue converter can improve many digital sources. Open box unit.

$399 $699 Electronics
Meridian DSP5200 Special Edition Center

Powered and powerful Meridian center with the super special edition tweeter! Store Demo.

$5,000 $10,000 Speakers
Meridian DSP5200 Special Edition Powered Speakers

These speakers have a big, powerful sound in a compact package---and you do not need a power amplifier! Store demos.

$10,000/pr $20,000/pr Speakers
McIntosh MA6300

For a number of years, this was Mc's "intro" integrated amp. 100 watt/ch. of effortless sound.

$2999 $4500 Electronics
Blue Aura V30

Small integrated amp with speakers to enhance your office life! Or, replace the speakers with larger ones from PSB, Focal, B&W, etc. and you'll hear something that will keep you glued to your office chair!

$399 $550 Electronics
Sonic Integrity MP5

Exceptional desktop tube integrated amp and good quality bookshelf speakers---improve your office w/ this system! (Open box unit.)

$499 $799 Electronics
Goldmund Mimesis 27+

One of the Worlds's truly great analogue line stages, Swiss made, truly "High End."

$3,999 $10,700 Electronics
Rotel RSP1068

Excellent sounding older (as in no HDMI connections) home theater pre-amp. Could also be used as a stereo pre-amp.

$299 $1699 Electronics
Grado RA1

Small but mighty headphone amplifier from a company that really knows headphones.

$299 $425 Electronics
Magnepan SS1

These small panel speakers can be side mounted for the rear or side channels in a home theater system. They have off-white grills.

$249/pr $450/pr Speakers

Smooth and open-sounding center channel with the distinctive B&W tweeter on the top. (Black ash)

$275 $550 Speakers
Meridian DSP5200

We have ONE of these in very classy silver. You want a great center channel speaker that is floor-standing? Search no more! Each of the drivers in this speaker are powered by it's own dedicated power amp, internal to the speaker. Absolutely killer sound quality!

$2999 $7500 Speakers
Runco and Da-Lite Q750i & Affinity 100

Unique LED projector with no bulbs to change! The Mckinley lens delivers true anamorphic 2.35 x 1 video for an immersive cinematic experience. This and the screen are store demos that did not get much use. Perfect for lovers of true 1080P content. We are selling these products for way below what we paid for them!

$9999 $32,638 Video
Denon LA2300

Remember these?  Combination laser disc/CD player--universal in its time. 

$149 $700 Source Components
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