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Achieving Excellence With the Right Partners

One of the pillars of our success over the past 45 years has been in choosing the right industry partners. We are committed to working with the most respected and established brands in the audio/video industry. We know we'll be judged by the company we keep, so we don't go off brand recognition alone. We choose brands based on performance, relevance, manufacturing qualtiy and long-term reliability. We evaluate each component by ears and eyes to ensure its performance is on par with the quality we have come to expect. Below are some of the partners that constantly meet our high standards.

Featured Partners

A stylish living room with a McIntosh 901 amplifier prominently displayed on a low table. Surrounding the amplifier are vinyl records, books, and decorative items. The background features wooden shelves and a mix of modern and vintage decor.
McIntosh Logo
The people behind the scenes at McIntosh possess a desire to achieve the finest quality standards. McIntosh has defined quality sound reproduction and sets the standards for performance, reliability and service. McIntosh has handcrafted prestige audio products in Binghamton, NY since 1949. They are a true audio legend but have also stayed current by adding digital and home theater capabilities to many of their products.
A living room featuring a Focal speaker with a wooden finish. The speaker stands on the floor near a built-in bookshelf filled with books and decorative items, including large vases.
Focal Logo
We at Focal strive to create sound equipment that honours the artist’s musical creation and empowers you to feel a new dimension of the music. We want every nuance to be revealed with precision and purity. To do this, we push the limits of the current boundaries in sound technology, and go beyond the traditional approach to speaker design. With Focal, let the sound thrill your senses until you go beyond the usual perception of music and discover new fields of emotion.
A cozy living room with a pair of Wilson Sabrina X speakers in front of a modern fireplace. The room includes comfortable seating, a glass coffee table with decorative items, and a set of cymbals in the corner. The decor is warm and inviting.
Wilson Audio Logo
Special Applications projects have a long and illustrious history at Wilson Audio. In 1983, Dave Wilson needed a small location monitor for the series of audiophile-acclaimed classical music recordings he was doing at the time. Finding nothing suitable on the market, he went into his garage and built the original WATT®. Its truncated pyramid shape, constructed from mineral-filled methacrylic, broke the mold of then-current loudspeaker design and has been widely copied since for one reason: it worked extremely well. Two of the latest examples, the award-winning Sabrina and Yvette models, continue the tradition of extraordinarily accurate sound in small, attractive, floor standing designs.
Founded in 1980, AudioQuest is built on a lifetime of experience that has led to the manufacture of the highest quality audio and video cables on the market today. Beginning as a homegrown audio equipment retailer, AudioQuest evolved into a high-end producer of audio cable when competing retailers took notice of the specially designed cables used in the store. Soon the entire southern California audio scene was selling AudioQuest cables. Over the years, they have diversified their line to include more audio and video cable selections to meet all the structured wiring needs in your Boston area home. Today the company has grown into an international business sprouting from the philosophy that the products come first.
Ayre Acoustics, Inc. has been designing and building superior quality, award-winning analogue and digital audio equipment since 1993. Ayre is recognized as a world leader in the industry and its full line of pre-amps, power amps, integrated amps, and digital front ends set new standards in innovation, design, and performance. We proudly offer their gear for critical listeners!
A living room with a mounted TV displaying a concert scene. Below the TV is a Bluesound soundbar, and on a shelf to the left is a tall, white vase with dried leaves. The overall color palette is neutral and contemporary.
Bluesound is an award-winning wireless hi-res sound system that lets you play music in any and every room throughout your home. Choose music from your favorite streaming service or from a music library connected to your home network. Control where, at what volume, and when music plays with a the free BluOS app for your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Getting the kind of crisp and detailed sound that only an audiophile-grade system can deliver has never been easier. That’s Living HiFi.
Bowers & Wilkins high-performance Audio
Bowers & Wilkins
The UK based company has been designing state of the art speakers for over 40 years. They now feature speakers in every size and price range, headphones, subwoofers, and architectural speakers. Bowers & Wilkins has a long history of technological innovation in its pursuit of the perfect loudspeaker. Whether it’s through the innovative use of materials such as Kevlar and Diamond, new solutions to complex engineering conundrums, or ‘eureka moments’ of brilliance, Bowers & Wilkins engineers constantly strive to produce the best possible sound.
Bryston Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing state of the art specialty electronics to both the consumer and professional audio marketplaces for over 35 years. Bryston has a major commitment in producing the most accurate and reliable product available by maintaining an extensive research and development division which is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance, value, and reliability of their products. In fact, many of their pieces are covered by a full TWENTY year warranty.


Clearaudio is a manufacturer of high-end audio products based in Germany. Formed in 1978, their primary focus is on analog reproduction, such as turntables, phono cartridges and phono preamplifiers. Clearaudio has been setting new standards in analog reproduction of music for over 30 years, and they fully intend to continue doing so. Today, you can find Clearaudio products in more than 70 countries worldwide. The market for vinyl records is alive and growing, and the Clearaudio family shares a common goal to refine, optimize and further develop the nuanced sound of the LP!
Focusing on providing customers with superior quality, innovating engineering technology and the highest performance audio available, JL Audio caters to people who are seeking the highest performance available from a powered subwoofer. Nearly all of JL Audio’s premium products involve patented technologies that require specialized assembly techniques, which means many of their products are created in-house in the U.S. JL Audio states that “great audio isn’t just our mission – it’s our passion.”
Magnepan has been manufacturing innovative, world class stereo speakers for 47 years. Jim Winey, the inventor of the Magneplanar loudspeaker, first owned electrostatic loudspeakers and began experimenting to design an improved panel speaker that did not need to be "charged" up electrically. Magnepan offers every conceivable version of their panel design from modestly sized models like the .7i's to larger room-filling designs. All of their speakers open a window to a life-like and effortlessly clear sound.
The philosophy behind the unique Marantz sound - We know that true hi-fi is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance. It’s about experiencing music just as the artist intended, even in the cinema. It is music that delivers the ecstasy and agony of a film’s story. To Marantz, perfect specifications and technical accomplishment count for nothing unless a product can unlock the power, the excitement and the emotion of music.
In 1972, a new kind of audio company was born. NAD took form when a large group of audio-industry importers in Europe, all music lovers, set out to develop products that cut through the industry hype. The goal of NAD was to prove that excellent sound quality and excellent value could exist together. It was a formidable goal – some of the most reputable electronics brands of the time were unaffordable to most, while the affordable spectrum of the market was dominated by poor quality imports from global electronics giants. NAD’s founders remained undeterred and their original vision led to an inspiring story of how a group of specialty audio mavericks took on the Goliaths of the audio industry to carve out a unique place of their own.
Every Naim product is conceived, designed and engineered entirely in service of the sound, revealing a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live source. We believe that the exploration of sound is an adventure that rewards you with a clarity and connection that becomes more powerful the deeper you travel within it. Which is why, every element within our systems is crafted to create a silence around the sound, reducing any interference between you and the intention of the artist.
Nordost is the premier manufacturer of hifi audio cables and accessories in the consumer electronics industry. In 1991, the company first made a name for itself with its revolutionary, flat audio cables, which used conductor solutions developed from unique technologies originally engineered for the aerospace industry. Since its founding, Nordost has continually pushed industry boundaries, striving to enhance audio technologies and bringing what were once unattainable goals into fruition.
To those familiar with PSB, the acronym (Paul & Sue Barton) could very well mean People, Sound and Business. For years, audio critics have attributed the performance of PSB Speakers with violinist founder, Paul Barton, and his love and passion for music and loudspeakers. A look back into the history of PSB will show you why… Paul's admiration for natural sound recreation was key to PSB's beginnings. However, today, it is easy to see that PSB is no longer a small business operation; it's no longer about just one individual or two, or even 10. PSB Speakers International is about a much larger team of good people who, themselves, are the vital foundation for the company's success. Today, PSB brings audio enjoyment to customers all over the globe, through its nearly 50 distributors and approximately 1000 dealers/retailers. And yet, while the company itself has grown to the level of worldwide distribution, the company's philosophy of performance and value has remained unchanged for almost 40 years.
Rega is a UK company that started in 1973 producing high-quality turntables that did not break the bank. Over the years, they have refined the exceptional design of their "Planar 3" turntable and set the standard for analogue sound at a reasonable price. They have added superb CD players and amplifiers to their stable of turntables, tone arms, and phono cartridges. With Rega products, you forget you are listening through equipment and simply focus on the music.
Since 1996, Revel has produced high-performance speakers for both two-channel and whole home audio applications. Revel stands out from its competitors through its focus on research and testing. Their audio engineers spend thousands of hours researching, designing and testing their cutting-edge technology for the best in audio accuracy and clarity. They bring this approach to all their models ranging from their latest floor-standing Performance BE speaker to their bookshelf, outdoor, and architectural lines.. With a variety of options, there’s a fit for any application.
Rogers High Fidelity develops and manufactures hand-built tube amplifiers to aerospace standards using only the finest design and components. All circuit designs and layouts are based on providing the purest signal output possible while using industrial/ MIL-SPEC techniques. Each unit is hand-crafted, tested and aged 100 hours for ideal performance and documented specs and outputs. Everything is built right in the United States in Warwick, New York and includes a lifetime guarantee.
There is no substitute for experience. More than fifty-five years of designing, engineering, and manufacturing audio/video components has put us at the top of the audio field. We have always been a family owned business. That is why we take the time to build, test, and critically evaluate each new model before it goes into production. Our reputation is personal.
For twenty years, Salamander Designs has been passionate about designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality and customizable entertainment furniture. As an award-winning industry leader, we build furniture that is shaped by your needs. Creating functional furniture that seamlessly integrates your lifestyle with today’s technology is our mission. We consider our Design Philosophy to be the perfect fusion of visual design, functional engineering and solid craftsmanship.
Picture quality so lifelike it's like looking through a window. Skin tones, lush landscape foliage and countless details come to life as the X-Reality™ picture engine optimizes the color, contrast and textures of each object individually. The X-Reality™ PRO engine adds unprecedented detail and delivers an infinitely broad spectrum of color by enhancing each scene, pixel by pixel, for the most true-to-life picture yet You can see this stunning picture quality in both the panel televisions and the incredible line of projectors from one of Japan's all-time best companies.
Stewart Filmscreen Corp is recognized as the "benchmark" manufacturer of projection screens worldwide. The qualities that make Stewart Filmscreen products the pinnacle of optimal function and value are guaranteed by extreme attention to detail in the design of every screen they produce. By using the very best materials and engineering, their screens will last virtually a lifetime.
SurgeX products are engineered to properly protect your audio and video equipment from AC surges and electrical transients that can disrupt performance, reliability, and uptime. They provide the most reliable power protection and energy intelligence solutions available to safeguard equipment from damaging power transients.
Since its founding in 1980, Transparent Audio has been in a continual state of refinement, seeking not only to make our well-known products better and better with each generation, but also to create entirely new products that serve the needs of our customers. Discover what audio and video professionals already know. World class audio, video, digital, and power connections by Transparent create an unmatched you-are-there entertainment experience in your home.
Drawing on the strengths it has nurtured as the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments, Yamaha is driving ahead globally when it comes to musical instruments and high-fidelity audio. For more than 100 years, the company’s ongoing research and development have resulted in some of the top innovations when it comes to music reproduction within the home. Their product offerings include AV receivers, soundbars, wireless speakers systems and hi-fi amplifiers and receivers.

Other Fine Brands We Represent

Graham Engineering
Oracle Audio
Pro-ject Turntables
Sony ES
Universal Remote Control