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Demo/Pre-Owned Gear

Welcome to our page of gently-used equipment that has either been traded in by our valued customers or a store demo model. We welcome you to come take a look and listen in person. Our inventory is always changing and the website may not always reflect what is in stock at the moment. If you would like to schedule an appointment or don’t see what you’re looking for, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the right gear for your needs.

Learn more about our Trade-Up Policy!

Natural Sound has served the Greater Boston area (and beyond!) for over 45 years as the “go-to” venue for the finest audio equipment. Because not everyone is ready to purchase “the ultimate” the first time around, we instituted a unique home stereo system and speakers trade-up policy for our customers.


Most of the equipment listed here came back to us via our own 3 year trade up program. The rest are store demo models.

That means that all items are in excellent condition with boxes and packing, and are “pre-owned" anywhere from only seven months to three years.

Due to our contractual agreements with key manufacturers, in some cases we cannot list the selling price. Please call us for actual pricing where not listed. (For reference, we are listing the RETAIL price for these pieces if purchased brand new.)

Also note that in most cases these items are only available for local pickup.

Bowers & Wilkins CCM684 in-ceiling speakers Retail: $800/pr.  
Focal Sopra 2, satin walnut Retail: $22,000/pr  
Magnepan .7 dark cherry/black Retail: $1995  
Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers
Our pair of previous store demos in a handsome Nara Bronze finish. In very nice condition. Can only sell locally due to need to set up properly.
Martin Logan Motion 40i speakers
Martin-Logan is best known for their curved diaphragm electrostatic speakers, but to make more affordable models, they have adopted the use of a folded ribbon tweeter similar to the Heil Air Motion Transformer made famous by ESS in the 70’s. This tweeter gives their “Motion" line the clarity and speed to allow comparison to electrostats. The 5.25” polymer cone midrange and Voijko crossover network creates a seamless midrange to tweeter transition, and the pair of 6.5” woofers deliver solid low end extension and punch. This is the top of the range, and the pair on offer are in great shape. A terrific value at only $999 for the pair. Store pickup only.

Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 803 speakers
No speaker brand is more synonymous with Natural Sound’s history than B&W. This model is a great example of why ... beautifully finished curved cabinetry with genuine cherrywood veneers, state of the art driver technology, and the signature top mounted Nautilus tweeter. These were kept in immaculate condition by their owner. The sound is vintage B&W ... spacious, brilliantly detailed, and full, with an extended and precise bass end. Were $5000 when new ... this pair $2599. Store pickup only.
Pro-Ject XTension 9 turntable
Pre-owned turntable in very nice condition. Has magnetic suspension for resonance control plus an exceptional tonearm.
Sunfire "Bob Carver" tube preamp
This is a classic piece in nice condition from the legendary master. You can see the operational tubes through the window in the chassis.
McIntosh MA6500 integrated amplifier
This is a pre-owned piece in excellent condition that came back to us as part of our trade-up program.
NAD M22v2 stereo power amplifier
This is a previous store demo in excellent condition. 300 W/channel hybrid digital N-Core Hypex tech.
NAIM NAC-272T / NAP-250DR preamp/amp combo
Two great components we would like to sell as a package. The 272 is the preamp/DAC/streamer matched with the 250 power amplifier. Former store demo pieces.
$7,899 (250DR)
$7,699 (272T)
$4,499 (250DR)
$3,999 (272T)
$7,998 combo

This is just a small sample of some of the many fine pre-owned and store demo products we have available. We’ll be updating this page with new products regularly. If you are looking for something specific, please call us.