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McIntosh Audio Systems & Integrated Amplifiers in Boston

Synonymous with legendary performance, timeless aesthetics, and enduring quality, McIntosh Audio equipment has been pioneering home audio excellence for over seven decades.


The heart of every speaker system, power amplifiers bring audio to life. McIntosh amplifiers have energized historical moments from Woodstock to President LBJ's inauguration address. Spanning vacuum tube to solid-state, and monoblock to multichannel, McIntosh offers an unparalleled amplifier for every Framingham, MA area audiophile's need.
mcintosh amplifier

Elevate Your Speakers with McIntosh Amps

Amplifiers Engineered To Unveil Every Nuance In Your Music

  • McIntosh MC462 McIntosh MC462
    Reigning supreme in McIntosh's stereo solid-state amplifiers, the MC462 boasts a colossal transformer driving 450 watts per channel at any impedance. This 115-pound powerhouse can drive any speaker, infusing your music with extraordinary dynamics, all presented in the iconic McIntosh style with a glass front panel and blue-illuminated power meters.
  • McIntosh MC255 McIntosh MC255
    Experience the full thrill of the most dynamic movie soundtracks with the MC255 5-channel solid-state amplifier. Delivering over 200 watts to each of five channels simultaneously, this amp transforms your home theater into an immersive sonic experience.
  • McIntosh MC901 McIntosh MC901
    Empower your high-end speakers with the boundless capability of this distinctive amplifier. The MC901 monoblock is a bi-amping powerhouse, featuring a 300-watt vacuum tube amplifier for mid and upper drivers and a 600-watt solid-state amplifier for bass-heavy woofers. Enjoy the harmonious combination of tube warmth and solid-state robustness in one unit.


    Challenging the usual low power output associated with vacuum tube amplifiers, McIntosh redefines the standard. The MC2152 70th Anniversary vacuum tube amplifier impresses with 150 watts of power, delivering the deep richness and subtlety only tubes can offer. For the analog aficionado, this is your dream amplifier.
    McIntosh PreAmplifier

    Discover the Unheard

    Mcintosh Preamplifiers: Uncompromised Audio Purity, Pure And Simple.

    McIntosh C2700 Tube Preamplifier

    • McIntosh C53 Preamplifier


      McIntosh C53 Preamplifier
      The C53 could be the ultimate preamp you've been seeking. Beyond its 9 analog inputs, this solid-state preamp introduces the DA2 Digital Audio Module with 7 digital inputs, including HDMI ARC for seamless TV audio integration. This module's future-proof design ensures readiness for upcoming digital audio advancements. With its analog circuitry, 8-band equalizer, and quintessential McIntosh aesthetic, the C53 remains timeless.
    • McIntosh C2700 Preamplifier


      McIntosh C2700 Preamplifier
      Blending the rich, warm tones of vacuum tubes with a comprehensive suite of both analog and digital inputs, the C2700 Tube Preamplifier is a masterclass in audio versatility, all within one chassis. Its upgradeable DA2 Digital Audio module introduces a range of connections including coaxial, optical, USB, and HDMI ARC, ensuring seamless compatibility with modern digital devices such as computers, streaming devices, disc transports, and TVs. This preamplifier serves as a central hub for your entire audio setup.

    Integrated Amplifiers

    For those who prioritize both high-end audio and space efficiency, integrated amplifiers provide the solution. McIntosh's integrated amps encapsulate the company’s audio expertise in compact models that deliver expansive sound in a more streamlined form in your Boston home.

    McIntosh Integrated Amplifier

    Experience High-End Audio in Compact Form

    Explore Compact Yet Powerful Mcintosh Sound For Any Space

    McIntosh Integrated Amplifier MA352

    • McIntosh Integrated Amplifier MA352


      McIntosh Integrated Amplifier MA352
      A hybrid marvel, the MA352 integrated amplifier melds the smoothness of a vacuum tube preamp with the strength of solid-state amplification. Its all-analog design is as visually captivating as its sonic performance is exemplary. The MA352 is poised to be the jewel of any high-fidelity two-channel audio system.