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Premium Loudspeaker Installations: High-End Wilson Audio Speakers in Boston

Wilson Audio Masterpieces: A Deep Dive into the Craftsmanship and Technological Innovations of Their Signature Models


Alexia V Loudspeakers

Embrace the Zenith of Acoustic Excellence with Alexia V: A Symbol of Superiority and Progressive Design

Introducing Alexia V by Wilson Audio

Wilson Audio proudly presents the Alexia V, a symbol of their unwavering dedication to "Excellence in All Things™" and their relentless pursuit in research and development. Following the completion of Alexx V® and the fifth anniversary of the Alexia® Series 2, the engineering team was focused on enhancing Alexia's high-performance audio delivery. The outcome is remarkable, with more than thirty improvements meticulously refined. Alexia V properly embodies the enduring spirit of innovation at Wilson Audio.

Design Meets Functionality

In the Alexia V, Wilson Audio harmoniously combines its design principles, from the CSC Tweeter for exceptional high-frequency management to the advanced V-material structure atop the woofer and midrange sections for vibration control in any soundstage. Utilizing X-Material throughout and precise adjustments to bracing and panel thickness, the Alexia V sets a new standard in sound enclosure damping within its class. alexia v loudspeaker
alexia v speaker

Acoustic Diodes

The Alexia V incorporates state-of-the-art acoustic diodes, enhancing sound clarity and minimizing distortions for a pristine listening experience.


Precision in setup is key. Alexia V features meticulous leveling mechanisms, ensuring optimal sound projection and clarity, a testament to Wilson Audio's attention to detail.

CSC Tweeter

The Alexia V incorporates Wilson Audio's advanced CSC Tweeter, reflecting the brand's commitment to "Excellence in All Things™" and offering unparalleled high-frequency performance and clarity.

QuadraMag Mid

Alexia V's midrange performance is enhanced by the integration of the QuadraMag technology, ensuring a harmonious blend of sound frequencies for an immersive listening experience.

Enclosure Volume

The Alexia V's enclosure is a result of rigorous R&D, designed to house its advanced components perfectly and ensure sound purity.


With the culmination of decades of research, the Alexia V's crossover system is fine-tuned to ensure seamless transitions between sound frequencies for a harmonious auditory experience.
Wilson Audio Sabrinax

Wilson Audio Sasha V Speakers

Unveil the Sasha V: Experience Enhanced Listening with Unparalleled High-Frequency Precision

Harmony in Materials

The Sasha V speaker ingeniously incorporates V-Material at the critical juncture of its upper module and the top of the woofer cabinet. This unique material is celebrated for its superior vibration damping, ensuring natural sound clarity. This design approach mirrors that of the high-caliber Alexx V and Alexia V models, showcasing Wilson's unwavering drive to ensure quality and innovation throughout their lineup.

Copper AudioCap Capacitors

Featuring the debut of the copper version of the AudioCapX-WA capacitor in the Sasha V, these capacitors enhance high-frequency micro-detail. Combined with Sasha V's refined crossover design, they establish a new paradigm for low-level resolution in high-performance audio systems and equipment, reaffirming Wilson Audio's dedication to delivering exceptional sound clarity and detail in every auditory experience.
Wilson Audio Dashboard

Refined Components

Crafted with the finest conductive metals, Wilson Audio’s multi-connector binding posts ensure robust connection stability and deliver a noticeably superior auditory experience compared to the standard plastic binding posts found in lower-tier loudspeakers.
Wilson Audio Dashboard


Effortlessly level the woofer with a flush-mounted bubble level at the rear, a feature ensuring simple installation. Wilson Audio's distinct spade cables, showcased in models like Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V, and Alexia V, ensure superior connectivity. The innovative staircase alignment block streamlines time alignment adjustments for optimal stereo sound setup.
Wilson Audio Tweeter detail

CSC Tweeter

The Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) Tweeter, a hallmark of Wilson Audio starting with the Alexx V, refines the high-frequency spectrum and ensures greater linearity. Incorporating the CSC tweeter alongside midrange drivers and woofers significantly elevates the sound quality of Sasha V. This tweeter, featuring a carbon fiber chamber, is precisely 3D-printed in-house.
Wilson Audio QuadraMag


The seamless melding of the tweeter and midrange is pivotal for authentic acoustics. Wilson Audio's 7-inch AlNiCo QuadraMag midrange, designed through extensive R&D, harmonizes impeccably with the CSC tweeter in Sasha V for a flawless audio blend.
Wilson Audio Crossover


Each crossover in the Sasha V is hand-assembled at Wilson Audio, utilizing premium components. Eschewing traditional printed circuit boards to avoid sound compression, Wilson Audio crafts each connection by hand for crisp sound clarity.
Wilson Audio Acoustic Diodes

Acoustic Diodes

Sasha V is equipped with the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diodes, a sophisticated spike system first introduced in the Alexx V. This instrument, combining stainless steel with V-Material, provides unparalleled vibration control, thus enhancing the dynamic nuances of the sound.

Sabrina X

Set a New Benchmark in Sound with SabrinaX. Explore Now.

evolution sabrina x


SabrinaX marks a significant evolution from the much-loved original Sabrina, one of Wilson's most acclaimed small floor-standing speakers for years. The original Sabrina, renowned for its unique mix of musical authority, dynamic resolution, midrange allure, and an innate sense of musical "rightness," earned a loyal fan base. Its blend of performance, compactness, and affordability made it a hit among audiophiles in Boston. SabrinaX high-fidelity audio aims to preserve these beloved traits while boosting resolution, bass response, clarity, and overall transparency in any recording just as the composer intended.
enclosure sabrina x


While the original Sabrina utilized X-Material in its baffle and spike plate, SabrinaX takes it a step further by employing this material throughout its entire exterior. This aligns SabrinaX more closely with Wilson's ideal of near-silent acoustics. As a result, music from SabrinaX emerges from a deeper quiet, with improved bass clarity and transient performance, accentuating the rhythm and pace with an enhanced "silence between the notes."
sabrina driver


Featuring the Wilson tweeter known for unmatched clarity, contrast, and musicality, the MK5 stands as the company's most authentic and engaging tweeter to date. In harmony with SabrinaX's more robust cabinet, the new woofers achieve exceptional dynamic resolution. This combination yields a swift, well-articulated midbass and a strong bass foundation, creating a balanced and captivating auditory experience.
sabrina cap


Wilson's journey in capacitor innovation, starting with Chronosonic XVX and the creation of the Wilson AudioCapX-WA by Vern Credille's engineering team, has been adapted for SabrinaX. Its crossover now incorporates a specialized version of the Wilson AudioCapX. This capacitor advancement significantly lowers the noise floor, revealing more intricate details and resolution, thereby elevating the overall listening experience.
hardware sabrina x


The latest model features the Wilson-designed binding post from the XVX, tailored for hand-tightening and compatible with banana plugs. This distinct Wilson Audio connector redefines the standard in durability and sound quality for high-current connections, guaranteeing an optimum audio performance.