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Our Home Stereo System Trade-Up Policy

Trade Up Your Speakers and Electronics for Up to Three Years

Our Home Stereo System Trade-Up Policy

Natural Sound has served the Greater Boston area (and beyond!) for over 40 years as the “go-to” venue for the finest audio equipment.  Because not everyone is ready to purchase “the ultimate” the first time around, we instituted a unique home stereo system and speakers trade-up policy for our customers. 

The policy has been popular and has kept many customers “coming back for more.”  However, not everyone knows about it or fully understands it, so we thought we might attempt to give as clear an explanation as we could. 

Maybe a question/answer format will be the best way to explain.


Q: What can I trade in?  What are the restrictions?

A:  Speakers toward speakers (in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are excluded).  Electronics towards electronics—it can even be a stereo receiver or integrated amp towards separates.  Turntables toward turntables.   We will give you a definitive list of restrictions at the end of this article.


Q: What do I get for my trade in?

A: You get back EXACTLY what you paid for it if the product you are buying is at least DOUBLE what you paid and if your trade-in is in perfect condition! Also, you must have boxes, packing, owner’s manual, remote controls and any other accessories.  And, of course, the trade-in has to have been purchased from Natural Sound!


Q: What if I pick something out that is not double the price?

A: We pro-rate what you receive for your trade-in.  For instance, let’s say you pick out speakers that are $2500 for the pair and the ones you purchased from us were $1500.  We take the $2500 and divide it by two and that becomes your trade-in value.  Your $1500 speakers are now worth $1250 in this instance. In this example, it would have cost you $250 to use them for up to three years, which is quite the bargain!


Q: Why is this “financially beneficial” to me?

A: Although audio equipment may not depreciate quite as quickly as automobiles, it certainly loses value.  You, on the other hand, are losing either NOTHING over up to a three-year period or close to nothing, depending on how close you get to double your initial purchase.


Q: What does Natural Sound do with the trade-ins?

A: We check out each piece that comes in on trade and then resell them for prices that are way below the trade-in price.  Often, we give the remaining warranty on the trade-in to the next purchaser.


Q: Do you ever refuse to take an item back under this policy?

A: We can’t recall a time, although the value could be adjusted according to its physical condition or if missing box and packing. 


Q: OK, I think I got it---but what about Home Theater products?

A: Glad you asked!  These have a “Up to 100% Two-Year Trade-Up Policy.”

It works just like the three-year stereo trade-up policy but lasts for two years instead of three.  It covers HT receivers towards HT receivers or HT separates. It covers powered sub-woofers towards powered sub-woofers and center speakers towards the same, as well as back speakers towards the same.  It does NOT cover home theater pieces traded towards two-channel stereo pieces. 


Q: How about giving me the rest of restrictions on the policy?

A: The following cannot be traded back to us: Televisions, projectors, projection screens, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, disc players (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, etc.), digital to analog converters, powered speakers, streaming devices, and phonograph cartridges.


Q: What comes in under our trade-up policies the most?

A: It’s hard to say this “for sure,” but it seems like we get more speakers back under our policy then other types of gear.  This is actually great for prospective bargain hunters because speakers typically don’t wear out. They also have a longer warranty than electronics and the remaining time can be passed on to the next user.


Want to learn more about our trade-up policy? Our team at Natural Sound offers this AV service and so much more for your smart home – give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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