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Demo/Used Gear

Welcome to our page of gently-used equipment that has been generously traded in by our valued customers. In fact, feel free to come take a look and listen in person. Our inventory is always changing and the website may not always reflect what is in stock at the moment. If you would like to schedule a demo or don’t see what you’re looking for, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the right new or used gear for your needs.

Used McIntosh C1000C/C1000P

Incredible two-piece solid state pre-amp/power supply from one of audio’s truly legendary manufacturers. Was our store demo for a number of years. Excellent condition w/ boxes and all accessories.

Retail: $22,000
Sell: $9,999

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Demo Vivid Audio B1 Decade Limited Edition

These are unique sculptured three way speakers with amazingly cohesive sound and spectacular imaging. They are the premium Limited Edition of the B1. These demos show just a bit of wear and tear but are fully broken in and are truly outstanding.

Retail: $28,000/pr.
Sell: $14,999/pr.

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Sonus Faber Venere Home Theater Package

This is an excellent matched suite of Venere Series model from a world-famous Italian speaker manufacturer. It consists of the 2.5 floor-standing towers for your fronts, the Venere C for the center, and the 1.5 speakers with stands for your rear/surrounds. All are store demos with a few scratches and small dings that speakers get when moved around, but with their full five year warranty. Priced to be a great deal!

Retail: $4997 complete
Sell: $2799 complete

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Demo Revel Salons

These are Revel’s best speaker and can fill almost any large room with lifelike sound. Excellent low end, silky smooth midrange, and extended top end response. Store demos, well cared for, look almost new.

Retail: $22,000/pr.
Sell: $12,999/pr.

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Used McIntosh C220 Preamplifier

The C220 has the legendary McIntosh tube sound. It has a moving magnet phono section and a full array of McIntosh preamplifier features. As a used piece, it carries a 90 day parts and labor warranty. We have all the accessories, box and packing and the remote control.

Retail: $4500
Sell: $1899

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Demo Luxman D-06u CD Player

This beautifully built SACD/CD player will let you hear the full richness, dynamism, and musicality hidden in your silver discs. Store demo, couple of minor scratches (you have to look for them!), and a full two year warranty from Luxman.

Retail: $8495
Sell: $5999

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Used Focal Electra 1008Be

These outstanding compact speakers are hand-crafted in Focal’s own cabinet factory with the exotic Zebrawood finish you see here. The speakers feature Focal’s signature beryllium inverted dome tweeter and W-cone mid/woofer for seamless and transparent sound. Pre-owned, includes customized steel lead-filled stands (not pictured). Two year warranty.

Retail: $4750
Sell: $3299

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Used B&W 802D2

One of our all-time favorite speakers, in gorgeous Rosewood finish, and absolutely perfect condition. (They came in under our three year trade up program.) They are famous for the resolution and natural detail of their diamond tweeter, but the seamless midrange and exceptional low-end response are part of the magic. Excellent imaging, as you can expect from the 800 series form factor.

Retail: $15,000/pr.
Sell; $9.999/pr.

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Audio Research REF75SE

This is the latest version of this highly acclaimed tube amplifier with KT150 tubes. it has all the attributes of the best Audio Research tube designs. Our amplifier is in silver and (gasp!) has never been used.

Retail: $10,000
Sell: Please call the store and ask for Larry

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This is just a small sample of some of the many fine used and store demonstrator products we have to offer. We’ll be updating this page with new products regularly. If you don’t see something specific you are looking for, feel free to call the store to see if we have it available!