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Crucial Audio Components to Any Home Theater System

Bring Movie Theater Quality Sound to Your Home Theater System

Crucial Audio Components to Any Home Theater System

Every home theater system needs to include a high-quality surround sound setup. The latest and greatest visual display technology may provide amazing colors and crisp images, but you shouldn’t rely on their built-in speakers or a soundbar. Instead, a curated, professionally installed home theater audio system will immerse you in your favorite show or movie with sound that completely encapsulates you.

Creating a surround sound system isn’t as simple as purchasing a few speakers and plugging them in. To ensure optimal acoustics, a home theater audio system should be set up and calibrated to your home theater space in Boston, MA. This can take a little design and engineering know-how, so it’s best to work with a professional like Natural Sound. Keep reading to see what kind of audio tech will enhance your home theater experience.

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An audio receiver is the heart of your surround sound system. It takes the audio from the input channel, such as the TV, BluRay player, or another source, and sends it to the output system, which is your speakers! It may seem simple, but picking the receiver is crucial for the rest of your setup. 

You may have heard of 5.1-channel and 7.1-channel receivers/processors. These numbers refer to the number of speakers. A 5.1-channel receiver can connect to five speakers and one subwoofer, while a 7.1-channel receiver can connect to seven speakers and one subwoofer. The more speakers you have, the better your sound will typically be - one that creates an immersive experience in your home theater. 


Speakers are, of course, the devices that bring your audio system to life! For a true surround sound system, you might have big towers in the front and other speakers around the perimeter and rear of the room. For truly encompassing sound, a professional AV company can install in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that blend with your surroundings while providing encapsulating sound that will rival any movie theater.


A subwoofer is essential for ensuring your home theater has the palpable power it needs. Subwoofers are great at producing lower sounds than a typical speaker, which means your audio system has fuller audio and creates a more in-depth listening experience. Typically, you only need one subwoofer to fill out your surround sound setup, although a more advanced system may have two.

For the best home theater experience, you should work with a professional AV company to help design the space and install your audio and video equipment. Natural Sound has provided homeowners with premium AV systems since 1975 and can help you create a customized home theater in your Boston, MA, home. If you want to get started creating your own personal theater, contact us today.