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Articles in Category: Sound System Installation – Boston, MA

Bring high-end audio performance to your whole Boston, MA home. A sound system installation from our team at Natural Sound can’t be beat – click for more!

Home Theater for Stereo Buffs

Elevate Your AV Performance with a Quality Sound System

Home Theater for Stereo Buffs

While most of us equate "Home Theater" with "Surround Sound" and equate Surround Sound with Dolby Labs and DTS decoding, some of us are mostly music lovers who happen to have a TV in the same room as our stereo and want to use the two together. So the emphasis is on stereo music reproduction...not on the ever-increasing number of channels employed in the latest surround soundtracks on blockbuster movies. (This is not to denigrate home theater systems in any way. A sound system installation with top-notch speakers and electronics in your Boston area home theater setup will recreate what you hear in a movie theater in a very different way from any two-channel solution. But some of us don’t want more than two speakers in a room!)

TAGS: Home Theater Sound | Home Theater Stereo | Sound System

Some Things You Can Do to Make Your System Sound Better... Without A Trip to Natural Sound

Make the Most of Your Home Audio Performance

Some Things You Can Do to Make Your System Sound Better... Without A Trip to Natural Sound

While we are under the Stay At Home Order, some of us are finding more time to take our minds off the serious and scary events unfolding around us by listening to music, watching movies or TV shows, or reading.  This little blog will not help the readers!  For them, I suggest a cozy lounger with good light, and maybe some lens wipes...

            For the music and video crowd, this sudden increase in usage may reveal shortcomings in the quality of the experience...ones that might in ordinary times prompt a trip to your favorite Hi-Fi & Home Theater specialist in the Boston, MA area (we hope that's us!) to seek assistance, possibly an on-site sound system installation.  Presently, that is impractical.  So as a service to any who are in this condition, I'd like to share some pro tips on how you can get the best from your sound system without appreciably changing anything.  These tips may help even if you don't discern anything wrong...until you try them and discover what's been missing.  Once the Stay At Home Order is lifted, we welcome you to come to Natural Sound and resume checking out (and hopefully purchasing!) our awesome gear...these tips will help make sure you hear the difference!

TAGS: Audio System | Hi-Fi Audio | Home Stereo System