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Articles tagged with: Home Sound System

What Makes A Speaker Great?

How High-End Audio Products Stand Apart from the Rest

What Makes A Speaker Great?

We are currently in the middle of our “Big Speaker” Special Event, which gives our clients in the Boston, MA area a chance to save significant amount of money on store demonstrator models from Bowers & Wilkins, FOCAL, PSB, Revel, & Wilson Audio.  These are some of the top names in the speaker business today!

This prompted me to think about “What makes a speaker great?” I decided to ask each of our audio specialists what they listened for in a speaker and what criteria they had for “speaker greatness.” Collectively these four people have over 120 years in the audio business, so each knows a thing or two about high-end speakers!

TAGS: High-Fidelity Speakers | High-Performance Speakers | Home Audio System | Home Sound System

More Things You Can Do to Make Your System Sound Better... Without A Trip to Natural Sound

Further Optimize Your Home Audio Performance

More Things You Can Do to Make Your System Sound Better... Without A Trip to Natural Sound

Last time, I suggested a few ideas to try while we are under the Stay At Home Order that could help you get a more enjoyable experience from the time spent with your Boston area home theater or sound system setup, without appreciably changing anything.  These tips can help even if you don't discern anything wrong...until you try them and discover what's been missing.  This week I'm back with a few more...

(Note from management: These tips are for folks who like to be actively involved in their system and how it operates.  For those who are less likely to be “do it yourself-ers,” we offer

in-home service/calibration on your home theater and sound system setups and in-store service/check-ups on your turntable.)

TAGS: Home Audio | Home Sound System | Home Theater System