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Enjoy Stellar Surround Sound Performance With PSB Speakers

Why You Should Include Synchrony Tower and Bookshelf Speakers in Your Sound System Installation

Enjoy Stellar Surround Sound Performance With PSB Speakers

Not all sound system installations are the same. We hear from a wide range of clients looking for unique applications for their homes, from truly immersive dedicated theaters to minimalist listening rooms. With an arsenal of high-performance audio manufacturers on hand we have the ability to be versatile even within specific installations–what if a client wants a space for both movies and music sessions?

A common go-to for us in these scenarios is PSB. Respected throughout the industry for high-value loudspeakers in music and cinema applications, this Canadian company offers a wide range of tower, bookshelf and architectural models. 

Even though we could talk about their various speaker lines forever, we want to focus our efforts on their best surround sound solutions: Synchrony Tower and bookshelf speakers. 

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Synchrony Tower

Enjoy unprecedented tonal accuracy, powerful bass, dynamic sound and pinpoint imaging with PSB’s Premium Tower Speakers. Synchrony’s T600 series is the perfect central point of any home theater or media room. Outfitted with all new drivers, enclosure designs, and integrated acoustic crossover and isolation, PSBs’ most advanced speakers bring out all the details of your favorite albums or blockbuster movies. 

Listen to sound that is ‘True to Nature’ through their advanced driver design featuring a woofer, midrange driver and titanium dome tweeter. These Tower speakers are ideal for surround sound applications in particular because of powerful bass delivered via three woofers within a transitional-array design. This means smoother transitions across frequency bands and smoother overall bass response. 

Deploy these at the front of your surround sound layout on either side of your display and take advantage of their wide bandwidth and efficiency while reducing distortion. Designed in two furniture-grade Walnut and Black finishes, they also make a great aesthetic focal point for the room. 

PSB Bookshelf Speakers 

Have your Tower speakers do the heavy lifting and add a supporting cast of bookshelf speakers for your surround sound needs. Even though PSB offers many bookshelf models, we recommend sticking with the Synchrony line for greater tonal synchronization. 

All Synchrony B600 bookshelf speakers boast an ultra-rigid enclosure, state-of-the-art driver design and integrated acoustic crossover and isolation similar to their Tower counterparts. The result is powerful, crisp sound in a compact model. Since the enclosure is smaller, extra attention goes to internal bracing to reduce resonance and noise. 

Unleash the true power of your recordings by adding a couple of these furniture-grade speakers throughout your media room to create an all-encompassing sound. Make them fit seamlessly into your existing decor with beautiful Satin Walnut and Gloss Piano Black finishes. 

Enjoy the best in surround sound with a professional sound system installation from Natural Sound. Schedule a consultation with our audio experts to listen to some of our top speaker lines by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.