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Let High-Performance Video Bring Your Theater to Life

A Custom Home Theater Isn’t Complete without Larger-Than-Life Visuals

Let High-Performance Video Bring Your Theater to Life

Usually, our blogs focus on delivering high-performance sound, whether part of a 2-channel setup or immersive surround sound. It’s only natural considering the name of our company. Our passion began in the audiophile world, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take that same masterful dedication to the rest of our work.

Consistently stellar video quality is just as important to us when it comes to our custom home theater and media room installations. So, we thought we’d give that subject some love in our latest blog. Diving deep into the components it takes to deliver dynamic visuals will help you understand the serious thought and passion we put into all our projects in the Boston, MA, area. 

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As with the hi-fi systems we love, it all starts with the source. While the screen is the big focus in the room, the magic is happening behind the scenes. Your AV receiver is the engine behind your theater. The high-end receivers we work with will offer 4K and 8K upscaling along with full HDR10 integration. To get the authentic cinema experience at home, we recommend ones that offer IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision processing for visuals loyal to the creators’ vision. 


The AV receiver sends powerful, pristine signals to your projector. But a low-end projector could still put this signal to waste. Companies like Sony offer 4K and 8K projectors, but pixel count shouldn’t be your sole focus. There are a few other features vital to your video quality. 

Brightness is an important consideration, especially if your theater has a lot of ambient lighting. Sony projectors provide up to 10,000 lumens to ensure bright images that don’t wash out even in open space applications.

The AV receiver may be the brains, but you still want robust processing from the projector. Sony’s X1 processor enhances color and contrast frame by frame for unprecedented accuracy, all while retaining ultra-low latency. This is particularly important if you plan to use your theater for gaming or sports, where the slightest lag affects the experience. 


Finally, you need to give your projector a suitable canvas with a dedicated theater screen. We work with Stewart Filmscreen, the same company used by studios and post-production companies worldwide. Their screens are designed to absorb light coming directly from the projector while rejecting ambient light in the rest of the room. The result is brighter images and greater contrast. For a truly cinematic experience, they even offer materials that let you place speakers directly behind the screen. 

Get the best viewing experience in your theater with video that transports you to new worlds. 

Our AV experts will bring the best video performance possible into your space. Schedule a consultation by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.