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TradeUp for a Revamp of Your McIntosh Audio System

Upgrade Your High-End Audio with These New Features and Products

TradeUp for a Revamp of Your McIntosh Audio System

With the durability and value retention of McIntosh’s high-end components, it’s not rare for homeowners to stick with their favorites for decades. Each year for a limited time, McIntosh gives these loyal customers a chance at a hassle-free upgrade with its TradeUp program.

Instead of having to go through the trouble of finding a buyer, just go to Natural Sound, your local Boston-area McIntosh dealer, and trade in any qualified Mcintosh 2-channel amplifier or receiver. You can get up to 75 percent of the original retail price to use toward purchasing a brand-new model. 
For full details on this limited-time offer, you can click here or visit our showroom. You'll even get to test-drive some of McIntosh’s latest products to see which ones you want to get with your TradeUp. Below we highlight some great options available to revamp your 2-channel system. 
The MC462 is the company's most powerful stereo amplifier with a dedicated McIntosh Autoformer that provides 450 watts to each speaker regardless of impedance. How does the new model stack up to the original? It has additional filter capacity for 66 percent more dynamic headroom for significant music variations without any distortion. The amplifier has new power management features that automatically turn it off when there is no input signal. The power control also connects directly to other McIntosh components for easy power up and shut down. Finally, the company’s trademark Quad Balanced design cancels out noise and distortion that may make its way into the audio signal. 
If you prefer going with separate mono amplifiers, we recommend this model which produces 600 watts of power for any loudspeaker regardless of impedance. As with the MC462, its improved filter capacity enhances headroom from 1.8db to 2.8db for genuinely realistic sound. The added filter capacity also means better low-frequency response. It offers better accuracy with transistors designed to lower thermal equilibrium lag time, a brand new direct LED backlit display, and monogrammed heatsinks that are cool in more ways than one. The result is excellent frequency response, imaging and ultimately—beautiful sound. 
Building on its predecessors, the C2300 and the C2500, the C2600 is the latest version in McIntosh’s leading line of 2-channel vacuum tube preamplifiers. While incorporating the best of the previous two models, the C2600 adds McIntosh’s advanced digital audio section and boasts an upgraded tube circuitry design. Among the expansive set of 16 analog and digital inputs include ones for optical, coax, USB and the McIntosh audio-exclusive MCT, while three sets of balanced and unbalanced analog outputs can connect the C2600 to your amplifier of choice. As a high-performance preamplifier, the C2600 is one of McIntosh’s leading products for high-resolution audio decoding and can be easily used with a bi-amp and tri-amp setup. We believe the C2600 is the perfect addition to any home theater or home audio system, with a built-in home theater pass through feature and the ability to be paired with amplifiers, speakers, CD players, turntables, tuners, room correction devices.
Above all, we recommend paying a visit to our showroom in Framingham so you can check out our latest McIntosh models first-hand. We'll help you figure out which make the most sense for the limited-time TradeUp depending on your sound system and budget. 
Schedule a visit by calling us at (508) 879-3556 or filling out our online contact form.
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