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5 Excellent Ways to Get More Out of Your Home Theater System

Check Out How These Upgrades Transform Your Viewing Experience

5 Excellent Ways to Get More Out of Your Home Theater System

Now that you're in the holiday giving spirit and the Super Bowl is just around the corner, it's the perfect time to reward yourself with a home theater upgrade. Do you want to get higher-resolution images and more immersive sound out of your current home theater system? In this blog, we’ve compiled some of our favorite product recommendations that can transform your viewing experience entirely. From the latest Dolby Atmos technology to high-end speakers, these upgrades make all the difference in your Boston home. 

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Dolby Atmos Receiver

With traditional surround sound, audio signals get a designated channel. With Dolby Atmos, the signal is allowed to move freely to create a more three-dimensional sonic experience. You get added overhead coverage and more clarity and richness to the sound. How can you take advantage of this new technology?

We recommend going with receivers from a variety of top-notch companies like Sony, Marantz, NAD and Yamaha that decode Dolby Atmos and DTS:X signals while upscaling standard content. Both companies offer high-end lines with excellent sound quality and power. They also include advanced tuning and calibration software, so our team can easily adjust manufacturer settings to meet your theater requirements.  

Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound

A movie’s soundtrack is just as important as the images you see on the screen. So, why would you rely on your television’s built-in speakers when watching your favorite movies or sports teams? Your home theater audio deserves the same type of quality as your 2-channel system, and few companies deliver high-performance audio better than Bowers & Wilkins.

There are a variety of ways to bring B&W high-performance audio to your surround sound system. Pair their traditional 700 Series loudspeakers with their line of DB series subwoofers for crisp, powerful sound. For a more discreet application, go with their CT series that combines the company’s reference-quality power with a sleek design that stays hidden within walls and ceilings.

Sony 4K Projector

Enjoy incredibly lifelike pictures with native 4K resolution boasting 8.8 million pixels. Sony's 4K projectors have full HDR compatibility to provide an expanded range of color for ultimate picture clarity. Ideal for sports fans, they also include 4K Motion Flow which adds frames to your content to prevent blur without reducing your image brightness. With projectors available at up to 5000 lumens, they work equally well in dedicated theaters as they do in multi-purpose media rooms.

Anti-Glare Screen

In some applications, we recommend pairing your home theater projector with an anti-glare screen from Stewart Filmscreen. Enjoy the same technology used in studio screening rooms and film production houses around the country. The company’s black Phantom “HALR” material is designed to reject ambient light and only take in the light coming directly from your projector. It can reject up to 82 percent of ambient light without sacrificing any of the projector’s color quality. It is compatible with both HD and 4K projectors. 

Savant Pro Remote

Often, home theater complaints don't have to do with image or video quality, but rather ease-of-use. Do you want to have to deal with different remotes for your receiver, screen, speakers and source components? We integrate everything into one easy-to-use solution using the Savant Pro Remote.

Quickly access your favorite shows and streaming services from a sleek touchscreen or easy-to-reach buttons. Raise the volume, change the channel or even adjust lights and shades from one place. For a more natural way to look up your favorite content, take advantage of the centrally-located voice command button. 

Are you ready to revamp your home theater with a brand-new screen, speaker setup or remote? Visit our showroom to test them out yourself or fill out our contact form to set up a one-on-one consultation.