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Customize Your Home’s Audio to Your Heart’s Content

Your Whole-Home Audio System Should Be as Unique as You Are. Here Are Your Options!

Customize Your Home’s Audio to Your Heart’s Content

You love your smart home. From the front door to the backyard, each space and finish is a reflection of yourself and your lifestyle. Dozens of smart devices are a part of that lifestyle, all components of technology systems that simplify and enhance your life. What you need now is a whole-home audio system as unique as you are, and at Natural Sound, we can help!

Hundreds of other homeowners in Weston, MA, and its surrounding areas already trust us with their smart homes and audio systems, but what exactly can we do for you?

Read on to learn more about the brands, products, and installation practices that make whole-home audio possible and how we can design a system tailored to your home!

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Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

Surround sound across your entire home is possible, and we can make it happen in many different ways. Ask yourself, what type of whole-home audio system are you looking for? Would you like hidden speakers that blend in with the existing décor or a more versatile mobile option that you can take with you from one room to the next? Or why not a combination of both? 

On the one hand, brands like Sonance and Savant offer whole-home audio solutions meant to be heard, not seen. Their in-wall and in-ceiling speakers feature wireless connectivity, integrate seamlessly with each other and different technology systems, and give you hi-fi audio without the clutter of hard-wired, floor-standing speakers. 

There is also the option of BlueSound wireless speakers, boasting industry-leading audio quality and engineering in a surprisingly small package. BlueSound speakers and amplifiers deliver true hi-fi audio to every corner of your home and give you the option of integrating portable speakers into your system. 

From Installation to Automation 

The performance of your next distributed audio system depends largely on the installation and programming of speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, media servers, and other equipment. Each driver must be fine-tuned to match your space, and the location of every speaker is key.

The integration and automation of all your smart devices is the last step in creating a whole-home audio system that responds to your every command. Using the Savant app, you can easily program lighting and music scenes with just a few screen taps, setting the mood in any room or across your entire home in seconds! 

Contact us when you are ready to bring high-quality audio to every room in your own home, and we’ll hook you up with the best products and installation in Massachusetts.