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Digital Music Streaming: Enjoy Digital Music Streaming Throughout Your Whole Home

Your Favorite Tunes in Any and Every Room

Digital Music Streaming:  Enjoy Digital Music Streaming Throughout Your Whole Home

In 1970, the vast majority of Greater Boston area home music systems featured FM radio tuners and record players equipped with "changer mechanisms" so listeners could put on a stack of up to 6 records to play sequentially. By 1980, we had cassette tape decks with the ability to create "mixtapes" and "auto-reverse" so that you could program your favorite tracks and enjoy 90 minutes of uninterrupted bliss. By 1990, CDs had arrived and we had multi-disc players with anywhere from 5 to 200 (or more!) discs and we soon began to see digital database managers programmed to execute playback to suit our desires. This was the beginning of the world we now inhabit, where we play songs arranged in playlists from digital files and listen to music anywhere and everywhere.

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The history of Hi-Fi has been marked by a ceaseless desire for convenience and adaptability, even more than the pursuit of sound perfection. We at Natural Sound like to focus on the latter, but one cannot neglect the former and hope to succeed in today's marketplace. So in addition to the high performance speakers, amplifier, and analog phonograph systems we sell, we also offer superior quality CD players for disc playback and a variety of digital music systems that stream "content" from the internet or from your own digitally stored music collection.

We offer customers our expertise on how to build such a library, and provide the products to bring these benefits to life in your home, often using the well-known and convenient platform from Sonos. Bluesound is a similar system with a difference: it can stream higher resolution digital files than Sonos, including the exciting new MQA format, which many experts rate as the most significant new advance in sound quality to come along since the launch of CD.

Digital music streaming is now built into many of our AV receivers, such as the Bluesound in NAD's models, Yamaha's MusicCast, and Marantz's HEOS. We also carry the higher end Naim streamers, Uniti integrated amplifiers and MU-So all-in-one speakers. Ayre's Digital Hub and Bryston's BDP digital players operate on their own browser-based platforms.

Most of these products support services like Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz, Internet radio, and most also support Airplay, Bluetooth and Chromecast streaming from your smart devices. For the ultimate in music management software, we offer Roon, which brings you the most engaging metadata experience available to enhance music discovery and appreciation. We are acquainted with all these options and look forward to helping you find the best choice for your particular needs.

Learn more about digital music streaming for your Boston area home by giving our team a call at (508) 879-3556 or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation today. We would love to hear from you.

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