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Explore the Best in Wireless Audio with BlueSound

Reinvent Your Hi-Fi System with Intuitive Streaming Solutions

Explore the Best in Wireless Audio with BlueSound

As streaming becomes the primary way many people listen to music, wireless Hi-Fi solutions are flooding the market. Finding the right one among the many whole home audio options can be difficult. Every wireless stereo system offers varying degrees of quality and convenience. Rarely do you find one that offers a high degree of both like the speakers, amplifiers, and soundbars from BlueSound do.

This blog highlights some of their flagship products which you can find at our Framingham showroom. Visit us to hear the difference first-hand and take advantage of 10 to 20 percent off on our existing stock and demo models (not including Gen2i models).

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The BlueOs Ecosystem

The BlueOs ecosystem allows immediate, intuitive access to your favorite streaming services and media libraries. Pull up your TIDAL, Spotify or Deezer subscription right from the BlueOs app and play it in one room, multiple rooms, or even choose different music for each. Take advantage of BlueSound’s ability to stream MQA lossless files for true high-res music performance.

Wireless Speakers

Bring the BlueOs ecosystem into your home by installing one of BlueSound’s wireless speakers. You have a choice between the Pulse, Pulse Mini or Pulse Flex.

  • Pulse: All-in-one speaker that features built-in drivers and amplifiers that deliver a powerful listening experience. Dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration allows for playback without dropouts or delays.
  • Pulse Mini: Do you want a speaker that fits seamlessly with your décor? Experience the dual-acoustic chambers that allow for powerful audio from a compact design.
  • Pulse Flex: Streaming is a portable medium, so it can benefit from a moveable speaker like the Pulse Flex. When connected to Wi-Fi, it integrates easily with the rest of your wireless stereo system. Use its Bluetooth connectivity to listen on the go.

Hi-Res Music Streaming

Do you already have a favorite pair of speakers you don't want to say goodbye to? Don't worry; it's easy to add wireless capabilities to your existing Hi-Fi stereo system using the BlueSound Node and Power Node:

  • Node: The Node is a hi-res music streamer that helps you connect your current amplifiers, receivers and powered speakers. You get access to all the same streaming services and digital libraries that you would through company's wireless speakers on the same intuitive app.
  • PowerNode: Much as its name implies, the PowerNode is a powered version of the music streamer. The PowerNode is an amplifier, so it can directly drive your high-end speakers. It has additional DAC technologies for crystal-clear playback. With analog and digital input and output options, you can connect your CD player and turntable as well to have all your music choices available through one easy-to-use stereo system.

The Gen 2i Arrives

In October, BlueSound announced an upgrade to its line of speakers, streamers, and amplifiers with the new Gen 2i release. What new features has the company added to its range of wireless Hi-Fi solutions?

New Airplay2 software will make it easy to sync media from iPhones, iPad or Mac computers throughout the BlueSound ecosystem. The AirPlay2 addition also incorporates Siri voice assistance. Tell Siri when you want to listen to a particular song or adjust the volume.

Speakers also now have a two-way Bluetooth connection. What does this mean? Instead of just being able to send music to your speakers, you can now use the Bluetooth connection to take music from your speakers and send it to another audio component — like a pair of wireless headphones.

Finally, the Pulse 2i and Pulse Mini 2i got a power upgrade. They include new custom-designed digital amplifiers for better bass and range. With their new driver configurations, they now function as true stereo speakers. 

Do you want to give your existing whole home audio a wireless transformation? Contact us at (508) 879-3556 or come into our showroom to test drive the crisp, powerful performance of BlueSound Hi-Fi.

Visit this month, and you can take advantage of our special promotions in honor of the new Gen 2i release!


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