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NAD Master Series M33: High-End Audio Achieved

How NAD Elevated Your Home Auditory Experience

NAD Master Series M33: High-End Audio Achieved

Experiencing high-end audio in your Wellesley, MA home is incomparable. Once you’ve heard music the way its creators intended for it to be heard, you’ll never go back! But how can you achieve this level of quality every time you press play?

The NAD Master Series M33 Streaming-Integrated Amplifier is your answer. Bring this high-fidelity audio solution to your living space and see how it can make all the difference. But first, let’s take a look at its innovative features – and why NAD as a company stands apart in the industry. Find out more by reading below!

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A Dive into the Master Series: M33

The M33 incorporates stunning high-quality auditory and streaming features into one sleek product. Perfect as the central piece of your two-channel stereo setup, the M33 works well with a wide variety of high-end speakers. Utilizing the phenomenal Bluesound platform and app, the amplifier has its wireless streamer built inside of the unit itself. Its vivid touchscreen display also showcases what is currently playing, letting you and guests view and manage playlists or swap over to a new album with ease.

Additionally, built-in room correction from Dirac Live means an incredibly precise sound that adapts to your space and maintains your acoustics. Each time you press play on this amplifier, you’ll hear crystal-clear audio with even frequency response and impeccable power.

NAD’s Value-Oriented History

Since NAD’s beginning in 1972, the company has had one goal to bring together great value with high-quality audio performance – and neither needs to come at the expense of the other! Instead, NAD aimed to offer high-end audio solutions on an affordable spectrum so homeowners could realistically see these luxurious products in their own living spaces.

So, when you bring high-fidelity audio equipment like the M33 into your home, you know you’re getting a top-quality solution with incredible value every time. This is NAD’s mission with every product release, ensuring that their next one is always better than the previous.


Want to find out even more about the M33 Streaming-Integrated Amplifier from NAD and high-end audio as a whole? Give our team at Natural Sound a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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