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Natural Sound Is Your Go-To McIntosh Dealer for Rooms of Any Size

Whether Your Space Is Big or Small, Our Audio Systems Have You Covered

Natural Sound Is Your Go-To McIntosh Dealer for Rooms of Any Size

No matter where the sound setup is in your home, your high-end audio system should be able to accommodate the room’s size and layout – delivering a top-notch performance every time you press play! So, whether your space is small and personal or large and designed for get-togethers with family and friends, you know you’re getting the best in high-fidelity sound.

As a trusted McIntosh dealer in the Dover, MA area and many other suburban towns, Natural Sound delivers professionally installed McIntosh systems to living spaces of any size. In this blog, we’ll explore the “Ultimate Desktop System” and the “Big MC” system, so you can see which best suits your preferences and needs. Keep reading on below to find out more!

Ultimate Desktop System

Last time we checked with our client who purchased this "desktop" system from us, he was not getting any work done! Instead, he was gushing over the sound of the system, particularly both its crystal-clear quality and rich, full sound.

We realize this is not the typical desktop system although the Wilson TuneTot speakers are indeed meant to be a true monitor speaker that can sit on a desk on dedicated sub-bases. A lot of the magic in this system come from the quality of the electronics – and McIntosh is synonymous for tremendous audio quality. A tube pre-amp feeds a JL Labs crossover with low frequencies going to the JL E112 powered subwoofer – while everything else is routed to two McIntosh MC601 mono-power amps. These amps power the Wilson Audio TuneTots that sit neatly on the sub-bases. The McIntosh MC275 tube amp at the top of the rack drives a pair of high-end headphones.

The source in this system is mainly digital files that our client has stored, but it could be LPs, CDs, or a streaming unit in your system. Although we would love everyone to have a desktop system like this, we have many options for smaller and more affordable desktop solutions that still have an emphasis on high quality sound.

The Big MC System


Our client’s room for his system is a large open area. We helped him put together a system we affectionately call “The Big MC” system. This system produces stunning sound in his sizable space. The receiving end of the system are the incredible McIntosh XRT1 double tower speakers, each bi-amped with two mono MC611 amps. The crossover network is McIntosh’s MEN220, which provides room correction, while the source is the amazing MC MT10 turntable with the Clearaudio/McIntosh moving coil cartridge.

You’ll experience your vinyl records like never before, as the lifelike performance blows you away. With the Big MC, everything from outstanding symphonic pieces to intimate folk singers or catchy jazz combos come to life right in your own home with remarkable realism. The Big MC can always make it happen!

Bring the Big MC home this winter season as the perfect post-holiday gift for you and your family – or even check out the scaled-down variations we have here in our store. Our clients are never disappointed with the customized systems we put together for their setups; we can always find what suits your exact needs.


Want to learn more about working with a McIntosh dealer like Natural Sound and how we can deliver these personalized setups for your home audio experience today? Just give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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