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The Power of a Multi-Room Sound System Installation

Top-Notch Solutions Envelop You in High-Quality Sound Performance

The Power of a Multi-Room Sound System Installation

Hearing music in every room of your house is a very powerful thing – and it’s not a job you should leave to just any type of speaker setup. You need a high-end sound system installation to deliver a multi-room experience throughout your Sudbury, MA home.

With the right system setup from our team at Natural Sound, you are guaranteed an enveloping audio performance every time you press play. Keep reading on below to see what products from trusted brands make up the ultimate soundscape.

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Bluesound: A Multi-Room Experience

The sound system for you will accommodate your home’s unique layout – which means it needs to be flexible and scalable. A wireless setup featuring high-end Bluesound speakers and solutions brings the top-quality audio performance you crave to every corner of your property – with zero hassle.

Place Bluesound wireless speakers in any part of your home – from the bedroom and living room to the kitchen and media room – and play your music and media via every powered speaker with a tap of a button. You’ll enjoy a stunning sound quality that leaves you in awe every time.

Add on Bluesound’s Node – the brand’s wireless hi-res music streamer – to your existing system with ease. The Node gives you access to hundreds of internet radio stations, dozens of streaming services, and your own media library with just a button-tap on your smartphone or device. You can hear your favorite tunes through your main stereo system and other linked Bluesound rooms in stunning sound quality. Additionally, each room can play its own music independently of other rooms.

Benefits of 2-Channel

Many homeowners find themselves taking a step back from a full-on home theater system setup for their media rooms. Two-channel audio can deliver that powerful punch with professionally installed high-end speakers for a movie viewing or dedicated listening session.

Two paired Bluesound speakers and the powerful Sub + powered sub-woofer, expertly placed and positioned in your room by our team, can envelop you in stereo sound that transports you to the epic scene on the screen or to a time and place that only music can conjure up. With only a few essential sound solutions and components, a 2-channel setup provides a high-quality performance every time.

Want to find out more about a professional sound system installation from our team at Natural Sound? We know the best products from the most trusted brands in the industry – and we can recommend the right ones for your unique setup.

Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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