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Upgrade Your Outdoor Audio with 12.0 Line Source Speakers

Coastal Source Audio Solutions Give Your Backyard Entertainment a Boost

Upgrade Your Outdoor Audio with 12.0 Line Source Speakers

Bringing audio entertainment past your home’s backdoor, into your yard, and across the entire premises can create the ultimate outdoor setup for you and your family. But perhaps you’re wondering if the audio performance will truly be the same as it is within your interior walls. 

Even amid a bustling summer day spent outside, you need Line Source speakers to achieve this high-fidelity audio for your outdoor AV setup. Coastal Source delivers high-end solutions that provide superior coverage for your whole property. Want to learn more about Line Source speakers and what they can do for your outdoor entertainment setup? Just keep reading on below.

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What Are the Benefits of Line Source Speakers?

For full outdoor audio coverage like you’ve never experienced before, 12.0 Line Source bollard speakers are a must for your backyard. This series from Coastal Source delivers high-fidelity audio performance for every inch of your property. Utilizing line array technology, your speakers will reach the far distances of your property. This setup ensures that every person, no matter where they’re standing in your yard, can hear the crystal-clear audio with zero effort or strain on their part.

To guarantee the best performance, Coastal Source’s Laminar Flow Grill System entails a four-layer sandwich grill system that prevents any UV, water, or corrosion from damaging the drivers. The result is a high-fidelity performance you can rely on every time you press play for the ultimate outdoor entertainment.

On-Site Demo for Your Outdoor Audio

Are you concerned with how your Line Source speakers will sound once installed throughout your backyard? At Natural Sound, our team provides an on-site demo where we’ll test out the speakers on your property so you can hear for yourself!

And if you aren’t sure about the Line Source speakers, we’ll bring our van with other various speaker options at lower price points so you can decide which ones are right for your outdoor entertainment setup. We’ll be there to answer any questions and offer expert advice on what system and speakers are best suited for your yard.


Want to find out more about Line Source speakers and how they can elevate your backyard audio setup? Give our team at Natural Sound a call or fill out our online contact form for your free demo today. We can’t wait to hear from you!