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The Heart of Your Audio System: A Home Audio Amplifier

Discover the Benefits of a Hi-Fi Amp

The Heart of Your Audio System: A Home Audio Amplifier

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your stereo system or invest in your first one—good for you! We’re nothing if not enthusiastic about sharing our passion for high-quality audio. In either case, you have landed here, wondering which home audio amplifier best suits your needs and, really, if you even need one.

Let's explore what amplifiers do and how you can decipher between the incredible selections in the Boston, MA, market and the rest of the world, choosing one that fits your purposes. 

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The Purpose of Your Home Audio Amplifier

First, we’d like to answer the question: Do you really need an amplifier? Yes. Your entire audio system is really only as good as your amplifier. While that may seem a little extreme, let’s dig a little further.

What does an amplifier do? An audiophile would suggest it makes your music sound as good as possible. Essentially, it provides power to your speakers. Your home audio amplifier converts low-voltage signals from your audio equipment, whether a turntable, music streamer, or CD player, into an amplified audio signal that enables your speakers to play rich, beautiful, detailed music.

Let’s say you became one with the vinyl resurgence and bought a high-performance turntable along with some of the best loudspeakers you’ve ever owned. Then, you buy a so-so amplifier for the connection, thinking, well, it's just the connection. Unfortunately, your entire system has just been taken down a notch. Hence, we stand by our previous “extreme” statement. If you're interested in experiencing music as the artist intended, it's worth carefully selecting your amp.

Along with an amplifier, a preamp is also required to convert a weak electrical signal into one strong enough for further processing.

What About a Receiver?

Receivers are popular because they save space and, sometimes, money. However, receivers have a lot going on under the hood. In addition to a low-voltage preamp and high-voltage amplifier, they may also contain a built-in radio tuner or the ability to stream music and several inputs. 

An amplifier is just that—an amplifier. The sensitive preamp circuits don’t share a seat with the high-voltage amplifier and, therefore, you get more power, less noise, and better-sounding music.

That said, not everyone is after the ultimate like-you-were-there audio. For some, fewer wires and central control beat the extremely rich detail you receive from separate preamps and amplifiers.

Experience the Difference Firsthand

We know it can be confusing. If we hadn’t been in the business for almost 50 years, we might be scratching our heads, too. There's only one way to determine the best system for you: listen to as many different ones as you can, and then trust your ears. And that’s where Natural Sound comes in. 

We partner with the top audio electronics providers that deliver high power and low distortion. This includes leading brands like McIntosh, Bryston, Naim Audio, and more. Come down to our showroom and listen. We’re here to help you choose the best system for your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget. To learn more about home audio amplifiers or to schedule a showroom experience, contact Natural Sound today.